Women Tour Operators in Papua New Guinea 

Women entrepreneurs are driving innovation and growth in the tourism sector, establishing businesses ranging from eco-lodges and tour companies to artisanal cooperatives and culinary ventures. By leveraging their creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit, these women are not only empowering themselves economically but also contributing to the socio-economic development of their communities and the nation as a whole.

This 2024 International Women’s Day, we highlight key female tour operators in Papua New Guinea who have been impactful in marketing and promoting their tourism products and services for the past several years.  

Kokopo Beach Bunaglows Restaurant East New Britain Papua New Guinea

1. Florence Bunari, BUNA TREKS & TOURS

Florence Bunari of Buna Treks & Tours

Florence Bunari is the owner of the tour company, Buna Treks and Tours.  As a proud Tufi lady from the Northern Province of Papua New Guinea, Ms. Bunari advocates her proud Oro cultural heritage through her tour operation, as well as her handicrafts business.  Florence has been in the tourism business for over a decade.  For those seeking meaningful tours that highlight the PNG historical perspective, Buna Treks & Tours offer an insightful experience.  

Find out more, click: Buna Treks and Tours or email bunatrekkers@gmail.com or call +675 7690-0412 

2. Jenny Wal Gonapa, PNG Highlands Adventures

Jenny Wal Gonapa Png Highlands Adventures

Hailing from the Simbu Province of Papua New Guinea, Ms. Jenny Wal Gonapa’s business: PNG Highlands Adventures is one of the leading tour operators in the Highlands region.  Jenny specializes in cultural tours across the seven (7) Highlands provinces of the country.   Popular on her company’s festival itineraries are the famous Hagen Cultural Show in August, and the Goroka Show in  September.   

Find out more, click: PNG Highlands Adventures or email pnghighlandsadventures@gmail.com or call +675 7046-8746 


Sepoe Village Guesthouse Bungalows Helen Tuakara 1

Helen Tuakara is owner of Sepoe Village Guest House Bungalows in the Gulf Province.  Helen’s tourism businesses provides her  visitors a rare glimpse into the hidden gems of the under-explored province of Gulf, on the southern mainland of Papua New Guinea.   Helen’s tours focus on hiking / trekking and cultural tours.  The Toare – Gulf Mask Festival, held in Kerema town, is an amazing event that is well-worth experiencing with Helen and her team.    

Find out more, click: Sepoe Guest House or email maolahelen075@gmail.com or call +675 7949-6051 


Maleta Tokwakwasi Villink Tours Milne Bay Culture

Maleta Tokwakwasi is an established tour operator in Milne Bay Province.  Her business, VilLink Tours and Expeditions PNG, offer tours across Papua New Guinea’s eastern most province, Milne Bay.  Her Eco tours and island expeditions are popular amongst her clients.  Her company’s motto: ‘Connecting People, Culture and Places’, allude to their strong commitment to supporting local service providers and working closely with local villages.  

Find out more, click: VilLink Tours and Expeditions or email villinktourspng@gmail.com or call +675 7135-9258 

5. Alice Alu, Karanas Comfort Tours

Alice Alu Karanas Comfort Tours Papua New Guinea Tour Operator

Karanas Comfort Tours, owned and managed by Alice Alu, has achieved massive public recognition on the domestic front in the past few years for her tours and promotions covering the New Ireland province.  Last year she received national recognition with multiple SME Awards for her business.  Her inspiring travel content featuring New Ireland can be viewed via the Karanas Comfort Tours Facebook page and Karanas Comfort Tours Instagram page

Find out more, click: Karanas Comfort Tours or email karanascomfort@gmail.com  or call +675 7024-3424 

These five women have experienced outstanding success in Papua New Guinea’s tourism industry in the past decade, especial post-pandemic.  

Doubtless, there are many more women in Papua New Guinea’s tourism industry that deserve to be mentioned here.  We aim to publish more of their successes on our Tourism Promotion Authority site.  

We’d like to hear your thoughts on women in the tourism space that deserve to be celebrated on our next ‘honorable mentions’ list.  Email us: info@papuanewguinea.travel or message our #pngtourism social media pages.