Remembering the ANZACs in Papua New Guinea
Bita Paka War Cemetery
Take a special ANZAC Journey in PNG to these WWII Memorial Sites ANZAC Day is commemorated on the 25th of April every year to remember the services of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp during the great world wars.  This day honours the Australian and New Zealand soldiers “who served and died in all...
Women in Papua New Guinea’s Tourism Industry
Alice Alu Karanas Comfort Tours Papua New Guinea Tour Operator
Women Tour Operators in Papua New Guinea Women entrepreneurs are driving innovation and growth in the tourism sector, establishing businesses ranging from eco-lodges and tour companies to artisanal cooperatives and culinary ventures. By leveraging their creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit, these women are not only empowering themselves economically but also contributing to the socio-economic development...
8 Trek Facts of the Kokoda Trail
Famously known for being used in the Kokoda Campaign during the Second World War, the Kokoda Trail (or Track) has become a popular pilgrimage tourism destination for trekkers from across the globe. The Kokoda Track is found outside of Port Moresby, on the side of the Owen Stanley Range. The trail itself is one that...
Fun and Learning at POM Nature Park
Port Moresby Nature Park
Discover all the fun and exciting things you can do at Port Moresby Nature Park. By Elizabeth Makis Port Moresby Nature Park is one of Papua New Guinea’s most visited attractions, receiving over 145,000 visitors annually. With over 550 animals and hundreds of plant species not found outside of Papua New Guinea, the POM Nature...
Varirata National Park – Escape to Nature
Img 3055
Discover and escape from the busyness of Port Moresby city and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature at the Varirata National Park By Maureen Wei Varirata National Park sits calmly on the cool and picturesque Sogeri Plateau, on the back of the Owen Stanley Range. It is Port Moresby’s best-known sanctuary that provides an...
Sogeri’s Best Kept Secret: Iarokrai Rapids
Sogeri’s Best Kept Secret Iarokrai Rapids (1)
By Ingrid Kuman The sounds of birds singing their morning majestic calls rang across the misty camping and picnic site of Iarokrai rapids in the Sogeri plateau. I’ve been an avid visitor to Sogeri as a Moresby resident since childhood, it is the usual weekend gateway, with a variety of activities and sites to visit,...
East New Britain – A Living Museum
Japanese War Memorial Rabaul
A round-up list of historical locations, in East New Britain, that are guaranteed to intrigue history enthusiasts. East New Britain (ENB) has a rich traditional culture, and an intriguing history featuring war memorials, landmarks and memories of a bygone era when imperialism once stretched its massive hand across this province. Once the thriving capital of...
Hiri Moale Festival
Hiri Moale Festival (2)
Hiri Moale – An Ode to the Culture and History of the Motu-Koita People By LaForce Mand Experiencing a culture and tradition, different from one’s own, is an unparalleled thrill that most people go through life without experiencing. To bear witness and experience the history of a people’s old way of life, perfectly preserved through...
Justin Olam’s Top 5 Places to Visit in Papua New Guinea
Web Banner Justin Olam Top Five Png Visits
Holiday inspiration from one of our nation’s rugby league football heroes Justin Olam shares his favorite top 5 places to visit in Papua New Guinea In the land of ‘a million different journeys’, visitors can be spoilt for choice regarding the many different places to visit and things to do in Papua New Guinea.  With...
Life lessons from a Flame Bowerbird
Flame Bower Bird Sericulus Ardens Credit Dubi Shapiro
By Pauline Riman He moves like a small fireball along the green and brown forest floor – a whoosh and a bounce across shrubs and moss beds, an almost fairytale like creature of the most brilliant red, orange and yellow plumage one will ever see on this side of the southern hemisphere.     This is...
Welcome to Mount Hagen
Welcome To Mount Hagen (4)
In the Highlands Region of Papua New Guinea, sitting at an elevation of approximately 5,500 feet above sea level, lies the capital of the Western Highlands Province – Mount Hagen. The cool weather and welcoming natural environment, offers a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere for all visitors to this small township. Known as the food basket...
Time traveling adventures in Papua New Guinea to add to your 2024 bucket list
Time Traveling Adventures In Papua New Guinea To Add To Your 2024 Bucket List Kokoda Jackson Groves
Discover the intrigue and wonder of Papua New Guinea’s incredible past. From our ancient Melanesian history to our impassioned modern politics leading to our Independence: 16th September 1975 – Papua New Guinea is a Pacific Island nation like no other. Journey back in time with our exciting historical tours offering tales of discovery and adventure – from...
50 Reasons to Travel in Papua New Guinea
50 Reasons To Travel In Papua New Guinea Banner
Celebrate Papua New Guinea’s 50th Independence Day Anniversary in 2025 OUT OF A MILLION DIFFERENT JOURNEYS, HERE ARE 50 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BEGIN TRAVELLING PAPUA NEW GUINEA Papua New Guinea is a beautiful destination, full of adventure and intrigue.  Whether you are a resident Papua New Guinean or an expatriate living in our great...
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