Famously known for being used in the Kokoda Campaign during the Second World War, the Kokoda Trail (or Track) has become a popular pilgrimage tourism destination for trekkers from across the globe. The Kokoda Track is found outside of Port Moresby, on the side of the Owen Stanley Range.

The trail itself is one that tests the strength of many, both physically and mentally. It is also one of history and unearths the tales of courage, endurance, mateship, and sacrifice.

Here are 8 facts about the Kokoda Trail. Did you know…

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1. Language

The largest language-speaking group in the Oro Province where the track is located is the Orokaiva Language.

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2. The "Place of Skulls"

The word “Kokoda” originates from the “Orokaiva” language group spoken by the traditional custodians of the (Kokoda) area in the Oro Province. 

The word Kokoda translates to “Place of Skulls”.

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3. Track length

The the series of interconnected tracks is 96km long.

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4. The Journey

Walking the Kokoda trail is usually broken down into 8 days.

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5. Track your steps!

You can take as many as 25,000 steps in one day of trekking.

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6. Highests point of the track

The highest point on the track is on the side of Mt Bellamy which is about 2.19 km high, that’s 2 and a half times higher than the tallest man-made structure in the world, the Berj Khalifa.

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7. 96km in less than a day!

The fastest time to ever complete the Kokoda Trail is 16 hours and 34 minutes, a record currently held by local Brendon Buka, who was 22 years old at the time.

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8. Age is just a number

 The youngest person recorded to trek the Kokoda was 6 Years old with the oldest being 82 years old.

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