Annual Visitor Arrivals & Statistics


The Marketing & Research Division of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority provides statistics, research and analysis to support industry development, policy development and marketing for the Papua New Guinea tourism industry.

The goal is to measure the overall economic value of tourism to the nation by doubling the number of tourists on holiday in PNG every five years and maximizing sustainable tourism growth for the social and environmental benefit for all Papua New Guineans.

The Monthly Visitor Arrival Reports – provides a brief analysis of monthly international arrival statistics – taking into account source country travel characteristics and conditions experienced within Papua New Guinea that impact travel and tourism related activity.

What is a Tourism Satellite Account?

A Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) is an important framework and tool for measuring the economic performance of tourism in a country by way of statistics and data.  It was developed by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), the Organisation for Economic Co-opération and Development (OECD), the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) and the United Nations Statistics Division.  

See: Tourism Satellite Account: Recommended Methodological Framework

Why does Papua New Guinea need a Tourism Satellite Account?

The Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) is initiating the development of a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) in partnership with stakeholders like the National Statistics Office, Bank of Papua New Guinea and Internal Revenue Commission.  

Tourism’s contribution to PNG’s economy is not captured in the official national economic statistics in terms of GDP, employment, investment, expenditure and more. 

The valuable data obtained from PNG having a Tourism Satellite Account will encourage investment and greater government support for the nation’s small but growing tourism industry. 

See: TPA Works Towards a Tourism Satellite Account 


The Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA), through the Marketing, Research and Statistics Unit, are developing a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) for Papua New Guinea.  

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  • Mr. Douglas Keari, Executive Manager – Research & Business Development, Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority, email: 

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