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About Our Organisation

The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority exists to promote Papua New Guinea to the rest of the world.

Created through an Act of Parliament in 1993 (Tourism Promotion Authority Act 1993), we have been mandated with the gradual improvement of the local tourism sector, as well as the marketing and promotion of Papua New Guinea as a travel destination.

Our tagline: “A Million Different Journesy” brings prominence to the endless possibilities for travellers and tourists to experience, from the peaks of our mountains to our coastlines and islands.

In our pursuit of international promotion we now boast more than 86,000 tourist visits to the country annually, translating to about US$205 million earned (according to the International Visitors Survey 2017). Through tourism, we build and maintain relationships with stakeholders and individuals in identified tourism hotspots through product development and investment, community incentives, industry partnership and human resource development.

At the end of the day, we aim to ensure Papua New Guinea is fully represented in the global tourism scene for what it really is – a culturally rich, diverse and wonderful tourist destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We envision a country that draws tourists to amazing experiences, captivates investors and empowers the local populace
Ooi Vision

The Vision

To revive and grow a resilient, inclusive and sustainable tourism sector in PNG

We see the Tourism Promotion Authority as a gatekeeper that solicits the entry of thousands of tourists into a country that has vibrant, reputable tourism experiences and adventures that are waiting to be had.

By 2020, we envision the international tourist market will surge by up to 50 per cent with subsequent increases in foreign exchange contributions of more than K2 billion annually.

Ooi Mission

The Mission

Expansion and Growth!

In a nutshell, we aim to increase tourist numbers, their lengths of stay and the amounts they spend through the improvement and expansion of local tourism products and infrastructure.

All this is done while preserving and promoting the hundreds of unique and rich cultures and traditions that Papua New Guinea is renowned for.

Ooi Values

Our Values

Personal, national and international growth!
Like any other organisation, we exist on a value system that although simple, has kept the Authority chugging along for the past 23 years.

Cooperation with stakeholders, industry members and the government is vital.
Learning new knowledge at every opportunity helps us to grow
Being proactive by seeing a need and working to address it has always been a core value.
Effectiveness and efficiency in implementation
Transparency in all we do
Respect for oneself and others
Gender Equity is of the utmost importance
Staff development and empowerment
"A Million Different Journeys"
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