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Lying just south of the equator, 160km north of Australia, Papua New Guinea is part of a great arc of mountains stretching from Asia, through Indonesia and into the South Pacific.
With a vibrant and colourful Papua New Guinea culture, more than 600 islands and 800 indigenous languages, Papua New Guinea is made up of 4 regions with 20 provinces.
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Tourist visas on arrival in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are now available for Australian passport holders for stays of up to 30 days and at no charge. For other visits, a visa is still required for entry into PNG unless the visitor holds an APEC business travel card.

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Papua New Guinea is an adventure travellers paradise. The country is also popular with war history buffs due to the prominent role it played in WWII, with world-renowned Kokoda trekked by over 4,000 Aussies each year.

Discover more about the million different journeys waiting for you in Papua New Guinea in our free travel guide.

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