Our Partners

Over the years we've created strategic partnerships to improve our tourism products in Papua New Guinea. By working with a range of organisations collectively we can promote and develop the industry holistically.


Representing the collective interests of a vast majority of tourism operators within Papua New Guinea, the PNG Tourism Industry Association incorporated in 2001. Helping us to highlight the needs of operators and finding solutions to ongoing problems they continue to be a voice for the many.


The Surfing Association has recently played a huge role in the influx of tourists into the country. The World Long Board Championships held in Papua New Guinea in 2017 cemented us as a major emerging surf destination. With more international tournaments planned for PNG’s shores, we are continuing our efforts to ensure SAPNG delivers quality, culturally immersive surfing adventures to the international market.

The PNG Divers Association is an affiliate-based organisation comprising and representing the collective interests of dive operators around Papua New Guinea. Through us, the association manages the overall direction of diving in Papua New Guinea.

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) is a Papua New Guinea Special Purpose Authority, commissioned to promote and manage the Kokoda Track for tourists, while improving the way of life for communities living along the track, through funding and development programmes.

This government entity is responsible for the upkeep of Papua New Guinea’s airports. Their facilities and amenities create the first and last impression for tourists travelling to Papua New Guinea, making our partnership especially profound. We work closely with the NAC to ensure tourists feel the warmth and cultural richness of Papua New Guinea while maintaining reasonable industry standards.

Papua New Guinea’s flag carrier is a key entity in all of our undertakings. As the national airline, we are in constant dialogue with Air Niugini to ensure our tourist itineraries are up to date. Sharing our status as state owned entities, we work in unison to further the tourism goals of the Papua New Guinea government.


The South Pacific Tourism Organisation is essentially our regional Big Brother tourism entity. It represents the interests of tourism in all member Pacific island nations including Papua New Guinea. The SPTO provides training and other mutually beneficial activities for our staff and support agencies. It also assisted Papua New Guinea during the APEC 2018 Tourism Week.

Similar to the SPTO, the Pacific Asia Travel Association is a member oriented umbrella entity that works to better tourism in the Asia Pacific region. The focus of PATA in recent times has been on niche tourism thus our collaboration with them.

As the world’s foremost authority on all things tourism in nature, United Nations World Tourism Organisation is of course one of our consultative arms. The organisation recently assisted with our APEC 2018 Tourism Week and has maintained a regular place in other area of our work such as providing technical assistance and developmental advice.


The International Finance Cooperation (IFC) is a member of the Word Bank Group that specialises in asset management and securing profitable investments. You may be wondering how they help our tourism industry. The IFC is the foremost entity involved in the Annual International Visitors Survey and thus supports us in making strategic decisions for growth in local tourism, especially our niche markets.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was created in 2013 by the Australian Government to be their main organisation responsible for non-military foreign aid. DFAT is a key facilitator of our annual International Visitors Survey.

The New Zealand government’s foreign aid arm shares a role in a number of our rural and niche tourism activities in Papua New Guinea. NZ Aid is another player in the delivery of our Annual International Visitor’s Survey and a strong advocate for cultural enrichment through tourism.


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