Discover the intrigue and wonder of Papua New Guinea’s incredible past. From our ancient Melanesian history to our impassioned modern politics leading to our Independence: 16th September 1975 – Papua New Guinea is a Pacific Island nation like no other.

Journey back in time with our exciting historical tours offering tales of discovery and adventure – from early European explorers, missionaries and settlers, to our German, British and Australian colonization. Remember with us the chaos and tragedy of the World Wars that saw the emergence of our national heroes like the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ – whose sacrifices will never be forgotten. Time travel in Papua New Guinea, we have a million different stories we want to share with you!

These are our top three picks for your journey back in time in the land of ‘A Million Different Journeys’.  

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Time Traveling Adventures In Papua New Guinea To Add To Your 2024 Bucket List Kokoda

Image: Trekking through the ‘choko’ covered forest floor, Kokoda, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea.

1. Kokoda

Trekking world-famous Kokoda is not only a 96 km physical endurance challenge, it’s also a spiritual journey, retracing the footsteps of the thousands of soldiers and Papua New Guineans who were killed or injured during World War Two. In Australia, Kokoda is regarded as a rite of passage, and those who trek it feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation for what the ANZAC’s endured during the war. If that is not enough to sway you, the scenery you walk through will blow you away as you experience deep jungle and beautiful waterfalls. Reputable Kokoda tour operators are listed on the KTA website (

Join the ANZAC Day observances in PNG this 25th of April: Bomana War Memorial, Kokoda Isurava Memorial, Kalibobo Coastwatchers Memorial, Rabaul RSL Cenotaph, Bitapaka, Alotau Memorial, Lae War Memorial and Wom Memorial in East Sepik Province.   

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Time Traveling Adventures In Papua New Guinea To Add To Your 2024 Bucket List Local Children At The Kokopo War Museum, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

Image: Local children at the Kokopo War Museum, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea.

2. Rabaul

East New Britain province, is a destination rich with history. Its main township of Rabaul was once the capital of Kaiser-Wilhelmsland, or German New Guinea, 1884 – 1919. Memory runs long and deep for residents here, the most memorable being that of the twin volcanic eruptions of Vulcan and Tavurvur in 1994 that devastated Rabaul town. Nearly three decades later, Rabaul has been rebuilt by its residents. Every year during the week of the nation’s Independence Day Anniversary, the people of Rabaul come together to celebrate the annual Frangipani Festival, named after the town’s signature bloom, and one of the first flowers to blossom after the eruption.

Volcano tours are proving quite popular for visitors, especially watching the spectacular sunrise from the top of Mount Tavurvur.

World War Two also left its indelible mark in East New Britain. The Rabaul Historical Museum and the Kokopo War Museum are worth a visit. Guests will be intrigued by the many stories each museum object and relic contains, and just how significant this province was during the WWII New Guinea campaign.

Apart from the history, there is no escaping the tropical beauty of East New Britain. Discover delicious finds at the Rabaul and Kokopo fresh food markets. Enjoy romantic picnics in the Duke of York Islands and swimming with the friendly Bottlenose dolphins.

Traditional culture livens up the local atmosphere in Kokopo with the annual Mask & Warwagira Festival every mid-July.  Don’t miss all the excitement

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Time Traveling Adventures In Papua New Guinea To Add To Your 2024 Bucket List Cultural Performer From The Keeya Tribe, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

Image: Cultural performer from the Keeya tribe, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.

3. Goroka

The month of September is the an exciting time to visit the Eastern Highlands province. A string of wonderful cultural festivals are hosted in this beautiful part of the country, including one of the nation’s oldest annual events – the Goroka Show. Prior to that is the Kemase Eco-Tourism Cultural Festival, 13th to 14th September. Kemase is an hour’s drive from Goroka town, and is home to fascinating limestone caves that contain prehistoric cave paintings.

While in Goroka, visit the J.K. McCarthy Museum; pay a visit to one of the local coffee factories to sample some of the world’s best-tasting coffee; plus take a guided tour of the local fresh food, and craft markets.  

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