Tavur Cultural Show

Islands Region
Bernard Vogae Memorial Park (Independence Park), Kimbe, West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
Contact Info
Mr. David Mundawi mobile: +675 7922-0970, email: dlmundawi@gmail.com | Mr. Harold Rawei mobile: +675 7241-9976, email: hrawei2013@gmail.com

14th – 18th November 2022 

The biennual Tavur Show is a celebration of West New Britain culture featuring unique traditional masks and singsings from Nakanai, Balala, Bariai, Talmalmali, Bali Vitu and more. 

Tavur Show aims to promote unity and cultural appreciation for the Province in one of Papua New Guinea’s fastest growing townships, Kimbe. The theme of the show is: “We value culture as the source of our identity, strength, guidance and prosperity.” 

The Show will be a five-day event hosted by the West New Britain Provincial Government, at the Bernad Vogae Memorial Park – formerly Independence Park, in the heart of Kimbe town. 

There will be 30 cultural groups performing, 16 of which will be indigenous to West New Britain, while the rest will feature other cultural groups from various parts of the country.  

The West New Britain cultural groups will be a special showcase and thus a real treat for show goers, because a cultural village has been developed to assist the performers carry out the sacred rituals that are required before the dances are performed. 

Entry to the Show will be free, and the West New Britain Provincial Government will be ensuring the security and personal safety of all visitors at the Tavur Show. 

Please contact the West New Britain Provincial Government for more details.  Contact Mr. David Mundawi, mobile: +675 7922-0970, email: dlmundawi@gmail.com




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