Lagaip Sangai Festival

Highlands Region
Wanepap Catholic Primary School Field, Laiagam District, Enga, Papua New Guinea
Contact Info
Mr. Tony Sulupin, email: or call +675 7136-7067

26th to 27th July, 2024 

The Lagaip Sangai Festival returns in 2024 to Enga Province!

Particular to this part of Enga is the Sangai – a traditional initiation ritual for young Engan men involving sacred acts, songs and dances.   Young male Engan adolescents retreat into the jungle for  a week to undergo special initiation ceremonies to prepare them for a life away from their parents.  After initiation they return to the village, and are welcomed by joyous dancing and feasting.

This will be a rare treat for event-goers to witness first-hand the sacred Sangai dances of Enga.


For bookings and further information, call +675 7136-7067  


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