Kiriwina Cultural Show

Papua Region
Losuia Station Oval, Kiriwina Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea
Contact Info
Mr. Modakula Kunuyobu, Milne Bay Tourism Bureau, email: or call +675 7963-0066

13th to 17th July, 2021 

The Kiriwina Cultural Show is a week-long celebration of Trobriand Islands traditions, involving ‘sing sing’, dances and ritual performances.  

The show’s activities will be based on the theme: ‘Restoring our Cultural Identity‘.  Threats to traditional knowledge are ever-present, therefore the show’s main aim is to involve the participation of youths and the new generation of Trobriand Islanders to participate in the event so that they may remember and appreciate their customs. 

Formerly known as the ‘Milamala Yam Festival‘, the event has evolved somewhat to include cultural performers from other surrounding island communities, apart from the Trobriands.  However, guests can still expect to experience the unique yam rituals at the Kiriwina Cultural Show, as well as witness the fun-loving traditional ‘cricket dances’ and the famous Kiriwina circle dance called ‘wosi mwaya’.

Celebrate in the Trobriand Islands this July 2021.  Enjoy the culture, the delicious island food and the friendly Trobriand Islands hospitality. 

Transport and accommodation in Milne Bay can be arranged by the show organizers.  


For bookings and further information, email:   


2021 Kiriwina Cultural Show in Milne Bay Province


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