Remembrance Day of the Late First Prime Minister, Grand Chief Hon. Sir Michael Somare

Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare Tomb, Kreer Heights, Wewak, East Sepik, Papua New Guinea
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Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council

24TH FEBRUARY 2025  

During the final week of February, the nation of Papua New Guinea sets aside a special day to commemorate the enduring memory of its first prime minister and ‘father of the nation’, the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare (1936 – 2021).

The late grand Chief Sir Michael Somare was one of Papua New Guinea’s longest serving prime ministers, serving for 17-years over three separate terms, until his retirement in 2017.

Papua New Guinea continues to mourn the late Grand Chief’s passing three-years ago, his life’s work in the service of his country has left an indelible mark on many Papua New Guineans.

The late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare’s place of interment has become a pilgrimage site for many Papua New Guineans visiting Wewak. The site is now a landmark in the East Sepik Province, known as the Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare Tomb.

The National Museum and Art Gallery’s Independens Haus in Down Town, Port Moresby, also provides an in-depth look at the political history, particularly its nationalist movement, in which the late Grand Chief was at the forefront – along with other notable greats of Papua New Guinea’s pre-Independence movement.


For visits to the Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare Tomb contact, WhatsApp 8160-4874 or call +675 7889-8166.  Follow the Sir Michael Somare Legacy Page on Facebook.  

To visit the Independens Haus, contact the National Museum and Art Gallery, call +675 325-4205.  Visit the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery website.  

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