Berlin, March 6, 2024 – The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA) has made a triumphant return to the prestigious ITB Berlin after a five-year absence. Under the theme “Define the World of Travel Together,” PNGTPA reaffirms its commitment to showcasing the unique and diverse offerings of Papua New Guinea to the European market.

Rekindling Connections and Showcasing Unique Offerings

PNG TPA recognizes the significance of ITB Berlin as a vital platform for fostering international understanding, cultural exchange, and peace through travel. With over 5,500 exhibitors from 170 countries, this year’s event promises to be a beacon of hope for the travel industry’s revival.

Industry Partnership and Support

With the invaluable support of industry stalwarts such as Mr. Bob Bates of Trans Niugini Tours and Mr. Wako Napasu from Country Tours, PNGTPA stands ready to reintroduce Papua New Guinea as the destination of a million different journeys. The PNG delegation led by Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Joel Keimelo, Executive Manager, Marketing and Promotions Division, along with Ms. Pamela Aupae, Senior Marketing Officer, marks a significant moment for the country’s tourism industry.

Itb Berlin (18)

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Eric Mossman Uvovo, presenting a gift to Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Noor Ahmad Hamid.

The European Market: A Tale of Relationships

The European market thrives on relationships, and PNGTPA has diligently nurtured these connections over the years. Despite challenges posed by negative media publicity, the demand to explore Papua New Guinea remains unwavering. The allure of our pristine landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality continues to captivate European travellers.

A Curious Destination

As the Euro performs strongly, Europeans are increasingly curious about Papua New Guinea. Our country offers an authentic and unforgettable experience—one that transcends mere tourism. From vibrant tribal cultures to untouched rainforests, Papua New Guinea beckons those seeking adventure, culture, and natural beauty.

PNGTPA’s Resilience

Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo, Chief Executive Officer at PNGTPA, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to be back at ITB Berlin, reconnecting with old friends and forging new partnerships. Our commitment to promoting Papua New Guinea remains unshaken.”

PNG TPA’s Commitment

Mr. Uvovo, expressed unwavering determination: “Despite the challenges, we are resolute in our mission to showcase Papua New Guinea’s untouched beauty, rich heritage, and warm hospitality. Our commitment to European markets remains unshaken.”

The recently launched PNGTPA website is a valuable resource for travellers seeking information about this captivating destination. Whether you’re an intrepid adventurer, a culture enthusiast, or simply curious about the wonders of Papua New Guinea, the TPA website offers a wealth of insights and practical details.

PNG TPA invites media representatives, partners, and visitors to explore the PNG pavilion at ITB Berlin. Let us embark on a journey of discovery, cultural exchange, and sustainable tourism. Together, we can redefine the narrative and celebrate the resilience of our industry.

For more information, visit the official ITB Berlin website .


PORT MORESBY, 12th January 2024:  The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) wishes to encourage tourists and travellers in Papua New Guinea, to reach out to the organisation if they have encountered disruptions and issues relating to the recent civil riots and looting, 10th January 2024, in Port Moresby, and other business centres around the country.

Affiliate members of the tourism industry are also advised to reach out to TPA if their clients have been gravely affected by the recent nationwide civil disturbances.

As of 11th January 2024, the Government of Papua New Guinea declared a 14-day State of Emergency.   Tourists traveling within Papua New Guinea are to use precaution when traveling within major towns and cities, and to seek the advice of their tour operators, guides and hotel accommodation providers.

TPA also wishes to reassure those traveling to Papua New Guinea this year, that in light of the State of Emergency, the nation’s borders remain open, and the nation will continue to warmly welcome visitors into the country.  The safety of PNG’s visitors remains a high priority.  Commercial flights remain operational, particularly Air Niugini and PNG Air.

Tourists visiting Papua New Guinea who have planned trips to PNG are to ensure the following before their visit,

  1. Book with an accredited member of PNG’s tourism industry, i.e., PNG Tourism Industry AssociationPNG Divers AssociationSurfing Association of PNG, and licensed tour operators of the Kokoda Track Authority.
  2. Have all the necessary travel requirements and documentation as per the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority website;
  3. Always check respective travel advisories of your respective countries regarding travel to PNG.

The TPA has set-up emergency mobile contacts for tourists and industry members to contact during the State of Emergency period: +675 7354-5757 / 7377-8556 / 7452-4479. 

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority remains committed towards helping our visitors experience, in the land of a million different journeys, a safe and memorable one.


Approved for immediate release by:  

Eric Mossman Uvovo
Chief Executive Officer   
PNG Tourism Promotion Authority

As a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) joins in the annual celebration of World Tourism Day every 27 September.  The PNGTPA will carry out various awareness activities in major country centres.   

The 2022 theme for World Tourism Day is ‘Tourism and Green Investments‘.  This year we celebrate the progress of tourism after the 2020 global pandemic, especially how Tourism as a sector adapted and flourished with innovative technology and policies. 

Date: 27 September, 2023 

Location: Global observance

Main Venue:  Lae, Morobe Province.   

Website: / 

Contact: Mrs Clare Kolma, PNGTPA  acting senior officer product development and provincial coordination:

In 2019 the World Tourism Day theme was: Tourism and Jobs – A Better Future for All.  Here are some awareness videos produced by the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority sharing interviews and stories from our Papua New Guinea tourism industry: 

World Tourism Day 2023: Tourism & Green Investments


World Tourism Day 2023 Minister 0

A Message from our CEO, Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo: 

Thank you for joining Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority as we celebrate ‘World Tourism Day’ 2023.

As most of you know, every year, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in collaboration with associate member countries decide on a host nation for the WTD celebrations. This year, the official host of the celebrations is Riyadh in beautiful and mysterious Saudi Arabia. 
The theme for this year is ‘Tourism and Green Investments’.
A theme that aims to refocus the efforts of the global tourism community from corporate and industrial activities to activities more centred on people, the planet and collective prosperity. 

As the country’s designated tourism authority, the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) supports this theme and believes that a move to emphasize our people, our planet and our prosperity is exactly what PNG’s tourism industry needs as the country continues its post-Covid recovery to normalcy. 

Even with the ongoing global crisis that is negatively impacting PNG through inflation, high energy prices, supply chain disruptions increasing debt and the recent bad publicity from increased crime, the country remains an attractive tourism destination. Since 2019, we are pleased to share that PNG has maintained a steady average of over 200,000 visitors seeking adventure, many of whom are return adventurers or niche market tourists.

With the global tourism industry focusing now on people, the planet and prosperity through green investment, PNGTPA will be heightening its efforts in this regard. 
This is nothing new however for PNGTPA. Green investment has always been the foundation of our product development regime. 

Over the past five to ten years, we have increased investments in niche tourism products and services, the promotion of cultural events and festivities and the re-development of marketing strategies to better open up access to PNG’s wealth of destinations. 

Our focus has been and always will be to promote PNG’s people and their rich cultures, protect PNG’s environments through the use of bio-friendly technologies where possible and realise overall prosperity. 

World Tourism Day 2023 Ceo

This year’s theme cements this resolve.
Earlier this year in March, PNGTPA launched its four year Corporate Plan 2023-2026 which sets a clear vision for the Authority and articulates priority investments like ‘Green Investments,’ consistent with the Tourism Promotion Authority Act and the Tourism Sector Development Plan 2022-2026.
The realization of the corporate plan means that PNGTPA is already ahead of the curve in terms of having a plan in place to implement healthy tourism developmental aspirations like green investment.
That said, the Authority is now in the process of expanding its operations through a restructuring and resourcing phase which when completed, will allow it to explore more tourism product development opportunities and utilize more green and blue-inclined regimes.

 While these developments will of course be gradual, we intend to bring about industry-transforming developments for people, the planet and prosperity through:

  • People – Helping to improve the tourism and hospitality skills of service providers through the provision of training and up-skilling workshops.
  • Planet – Exploring old and new bio-friendly technologies like rainwater catchment, grey-water recycling, solar panel use and the use of composting toilets.
  • Prosperity – Supporting more small – medium tourism operators to bring their services up to industry standards and help them package their services and products for domestic and international tourists.

As stated above, there is indeed much to be done. But PNGTPA is determined to ensure PNG continues its upward climb in the eyes of the global community as a nation with a million different journeys and the destination for its next adventure. 

To conclude, PNGTPA thinks the theme ‘tourism and green investments’ is a timely theme that reminds us to stay the course and improve upon currently running green investments for the people, planet and prosperity.

Happy World Tourism Day everybody!


PNGTPA participated in the 14th DWU Liklik Diwai Turism Expo on the 20th of September in Madang in what was a leadup event to WTD. While many other events will be held to observe WTD, the following are the main events PNGTPA will be participating in today:

  • The co-hosting a World Tourism Day Forum and Expo in Lae, Morobe Province 
  •  17th UPNG Tourism Convention 

 We encourage anyone who is available at these respective locations to come and join us as we celebrate WTD.

For further information, email the Provincial Coordination and Product Development Division of the Tourism Promotion Authority,  

Pacific Digital Tourism Champions Training Program a Success in Papua New Guinea

The Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) successfully concluded the highly anticipated Pacific Digital Champions training program in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on Friday 14th July, 2023 . This initiative is part SPTOs Digital Transformation Project (Phase 2), made possible through funding from the New Zealand government.

The Pacific Digital Champions training program aligns with the SPTO Digital Strategy and aims to empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the digital landscape successfully. As the first pillar of the Digital Strategy framework, this program emphasizes capacity-building, training, education, and knowledge sharing.

Serving as the groundwork of the Digital Strategy, this program emphasizes capacity-building, training, education, and knowledge sharing. By investing in the long-term capability development of participants, SPTO aims to equip NTOs and workshop participants with the necessary tools to embrace digital technologies and significantly enhance their contributions to the tourism sector.

To facilitate the digital transformation training specifically for Papua New Guinea, digital trainer Russell Easther, an esteemed expert in digital marketing and training, presented  the program to an audience of over two-dozen tourism industry members – joining physically and virtually at the prestigious Lamana Hotel, July 13-14th.

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority CEO, Mr. Eric Uvovo, extended his appreciation to the SPTO, “I would like to thank the SPTO for initiating the Pacific Digital Champions training program, and assisting the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority facilitate the workshop for members of our Papua New Guinea tourism industry.  Increased digital transformation of the tourism industry through training is a key goal in Papua New Guinea’s Tourism Sector Development Plan (2022-2026).   We are encouraged by the positive feedback from the industry members who attended the two-days digital marketing training, and I am confident this opportunity will help enhance their businesses.”

SPTO CEO Christopher Cocker commends the SPTO member National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) and their respective tourism industry members that recently completed the training in New Caledonia and Timor Leste. We appreciate the NTOs of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, American Samoa and their tourism industry, who will benefit from skills development and engaging interactions with our specialist trainers. Participants will gain valuable insights into creating compelling content for their websites and social media platforms and establishing keywords for their search engine optimisations.

“SPTO is committed to driving digital excellence in the Pacific tourism industry as part of our efforts to support our members post COVID, and the Pacific Digital Champions training program serves as a crucial step toward realizing this vision. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this initiative as we collectively embrace digital transformation and shape a prosperous future for Pacific tourism,” Mr Cocker stated.

About SPTO:

Established in 1983 as the Tourism Council of the South Pacific, the Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) is the mandated organisation representing Tourism in the region. Its 21 Government members are American Samoa, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Nauru, Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Rapa Nui, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu Wallis and Futuna, and the People’s Republic of China. In addition to government members, the Pacific Tourism Organisation also enlists a private sector membership base. You can learn more about SPTO here

Queries may be directed to

Press Statement

Tourism Ambassador Justin Olam Commences Promotional Engagement with PNG Tourism Promotion Authority

On behalf of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority board, management and staff, I am pleased to officially announce Papua New Guinea’s tourism brand ambassador, Justin Olam. 

Justin recently travelled to PNG and started working with our PNG TPA team on our planned activities and campaigns for this year.

Given the short time with us, he was able to visit some Port Moresby attractions and also travel to Kokopo, East New Britain.

Justin Olam is a remarkable Papua New Guinean athlete who is well-known and respected throughout Papua New Guinea, Australia and the Pacific, as a professional rugby league footballer who currently plays as the Centre for the Melbourne Storm in the Australian National Rugby League.

Tourism in Papua New Guinea has endured a lot of set-backs in recent years – especially with the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic, climate change, and the rise in social law-and-order issues.   Our international and domestic image as a travel destination has hit an all-time low.

In 2022, our Visitor Arrivals Report recorded 69,376 international visitors. Our highest number of annual arrivals was in 2019, when we had 210,980 visitors.

As the national tourism office representing our tourism sector, we continue to show our resilience and commitment despite the economic and social stumbling blocks we continuously face.

The PNGTPA remains true to its mandated role as a non-revenue earning government body, which is to market, promote and develop tourism in Papua New Guinea.

Guided by our Tourism Sector Development Plan (TSDP 2022 – 2026), we are dedicated to developing sustainable marketing campaigns that enhance the image of our destination, as well as encourage travel and tourism in our great nation.

The PNGTPA’s engagement of Justin Olam as our country’s official tourism brand ambassador is one of many crucial steps my organisation is taking to actively promote and market our unique destination, Papua New Guinea – the land of ‘A Million Different Journeys’.

Justin Olam will be engaged as our tourism brand ambassador for a period of 12-months.  In the coming days and months, we will be developing content for our tourism ambassador campaign across the country.

Our marketing campaign messages involving Justin Olam will take the form of TV and online video and print media.   There are two main objectives to our tourism brand ambassador campaign:

  • Welcome and Destination Brand Messages: targeting both our domestic and international travellers, particularly our Australian market;
  • Social Impact Messages: targeting the general public in Papua New Guinea.

The tourism brand ambassador campaign will be launched next month in August 2023.

We welcome everyone’s support for our tourism brand ambassador Justin Olam, especially our tourism campaign – because we believe that ‘Tourism is Everyone’s Business’. 

Yours in Tourism,
Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo
Chief Executive Officer
PNG Tourism Promotion Authority

For further information please email acting director marketing, Ms. Alice Kuaningi | phone: +675 320-0211 

Domestic Tourism Data Methodologies Workshop Conducted in Port Moresby  

A Domestic Tourism Data Methodologies and Stakeholder Consultation workshop was conducted in Port Moresby on the 1st and 2nd of June 2023, by The Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI) and the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA).

The workshop and consultations emphasized how domestic tourism can strengthen Papua New Guinea’s overall tourism sector, and how domestic travel data capture is crucial to developing informed tourism policies and measuring sector performance.

Facilitators of the workshop and consultation meeting were representatives of the Pacific PSDI: Professor John Cheer of the Western Sydney University in Australia, and Associate Professor Anne Hardy.  Both have a wealth of experience as research professionals who have worked with tourism agencies across the Asia-Pacific region.

The PNGTPA was the host agency of the meetings facilitated by the Pacific PSDI, particularly officers of the Research and Statistics Unit under the Marketing Division.

“My team and I at the PNGTPA are seeking to develop a suitable and consistent methodology for measuring domestic tourism in PNG. This workshop is an important step for us in fostering insight on how to source, gather and visualize data for developing domestic tourism policies and marketing initiatives.  I wish to thank The Pacific PSDI, as well as Professor John Cheer and Professor Anne Hardy for their time and support,” said Noah Mikmik, Research and Statistics Coordinator of the PNGTPA.

There were 30 participants at the workshop and consultations meeting – representing various tourism stakeholders in the country, including the National Statistics Office (NSO), National Research Institute (NRI), PNG Air, NCDC Tourism, the PNG Tourism Industry Association and more.

The PNGTPA’s Visitor Arrivals Report for Papua New Guinea has been a key source of data feeding into regional and international travel data reports for almost two-decades.  The PNGTPA’s collection of Incoming Passenger Arrival Cards from the Citizenship and Immigration Authority office at the Jackson’s International Airport has been a crucial component in collating visitor arrivals data for the country.

Since the global pandemic, the PNGTPA’s marketing activities has modified its focus from the international market towards the domestic tourism market.  The biggest challenge in this area is data collection, however the PNGTPA are committed to managing.

Image: Participants of the Domestic Tourism Data Methodologies Workshop in Port Moresby, Thursday 1st June, 2023.    

For further information email Ms. Alice Kuaningi 


The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) has partnered with the PNG Tourism Industry Association (PNG TIA) to boost membership for 2023.

In joint efforts to build back the tourism industry better after the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, PNGTPA has provided a 50,000 Kina subsidy to the association for 2023 membership fees. Under the subsidy, past and current members pay 30% while PNGTPA pays 70% of the total membership fees.

Other interested members of the Tourism & Hospitality Industry are encouraged to also register. Since the promotion of membership drive, registered members for 2023 have risen to 35 registered members. This is a good indication shown by the industry members about their commitment to build back better post COVID-19. We expect more tourism industry operators to register before end of April with the aim of having about 100 members registered.  All visitors wishing to book a tour, accommodation or host an event, can check our social media page and website for a full listing of registered members.  Members of the public, visitors, tourists are encouraged to book tours services, accommodation and other related services with PNGTIA registered members.

Mr. Eric Uvovo, CEO of PNGTPA acknowledges our Tourism Industry members as key partners, “Tour Operators, Guest Houses, Hotels, Restaurants, Transport Services, Airlines, Attractions, Museums, Festivals and others offer specific services to leisure travellers, tourists, visitors, the public as well as Business Travelers who have the option of extending their trip to experience the destination of their choice.  Through such a recognised and registered membership with PNGTIA, TPA will be able to promote each business as well as invite participation at upcoming, events, trade shows, training, conferences and participate also in the subsidized travel packages.”

Mr Alois Mateos, President of TIA thanked PNGTPA saying, “The PNG TPA is the national tourism office responsible for tourism development, marketing and promoting PNG as a desirable tourist destination. This gesture by TPA is very much appreciated by the industry members and we thank those who have utilised this subsidy to renew their membership. Under the subsidy, Associate Members pay 120 Kina while Corporate Members pay 240 Kina only. We encourage those members who have not yet renewed their membership to utilise this subsidy and join the association before the end of April 2023 to benefit from shared PNGTPA and TIA programs”.

The PNGTIA is a peak body for the tourism industry in PNG. It is a platform for tourism sector operators to come together and form one collective voice. It is the only professional, non-profit peak body that brings together all actors in the tourism value chain.

For more details regarding the subsidy program or related membership queries, contact the PNG Tourism Industry Association on Ph: 320 0211, extn 260 or email: or

Minister Gives Thumbs Up for Sports Tourism


Brisbane, AUSTRALIA (11 May 2023) – Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Isi Henry Leonard is impressed about the initiatives taken by PNG Tourism and Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) to help promote Papua New Guinea as a tourist destination.

PNGTPA in a nutshell is pushing for sports tourism as one of its vehicles under the MICE segment of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. We have well developed sporting facilities and infrastructure such as Stadiums, Amenities, International Airport, Hotels, Restaurants etc., which are important facilities any destination would have. We are building back better and Sports Tourism is one important segment for PNGTPA to develop and promote.

Minister Leonard, accompanied by his first secretary Elijah Tapie were able to witness and be part of the various meetings held by PNGTPA and several high-profile rugby league executives including Norm Black, the Founding Managing Director of Trip-A-Deal and Australian National Rugby League CFO Shaun McMartin and NRL Vaughan Vitale (Government Partnership).

Minister Leonard after attending several meetings was impressed in the way Sports Tourism can take a new direction amidst PNGTPAs new Marketing Strategy. “I took the office during the COVID-19 period and it was a short but very challenging period at that time. When I returned, the Marape-Rosso Government had that confidence in me to continue on my role as the Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture. We want to be innovative to see the growth of Tourism in PNG. Just by sitting through all these various meetings, I am encouraged and to be honest, I am happy to see how TPA is conducting its meetings. Such networking will enable and develop important partnerships with stakeholders abroad, especially in Australia where Australia is a major source market for PNG Tourism,” Minister Leonard said.

The sports tourism activities included meetings with various relevant partners in bringing an NRL premiership round to PNG in 2024 or 2025 and also making the official announcement of PNG’s rugby league icon and Melbourne Storms center Justin Olam as TPA’s brand ambassador.

“I believe Sports Tourism is a way forward and by looking at it, it is a great concept. My Ministry under the Marape-Rosso government will support this and ensure we fulfil the planned activities in order to unite both Australia and PNG through sports tourism,” The tourism minister said.

Image: Minister Leonard discussing importance of Sports Tourism during a meeting with Australian Rugby League senior executives.  

For more information, email: 

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