Highlands Region

Jiwaka Province

Experience Jiwaka, a Diamond in the Rough

Jiwaka Province

Pull on your hikers, sling on a coat and prepare for high altitude adventure.

Whether you choose to brave a mighty river crossing, walk in lush mountainous landscapes or experience the finest of traditional Highlands cuisine, Jiwaka will leave you awe stricken and in a state of bliss.

Three large ethnic groups live in unison here atop one of the highest places in Papua New Guinea. The Jimi, a proud race of mountain folk that still live an almost Neolithic existence along the north-eastern region of the province will fascinate you with their modest existence and truly shake your ways of viewing the ever-changing world. The Waghi, thought of as the high-born folk of the land, live a more contemporary existence mostly due to their location along the main Highlands Highway. And of course the Kambia people, the smallest in number of the three, who after years of inter-clan merging, have some who can speak as many as five different languages from nearby areas.

If it’s a rugged adventure atop cliff faces that you seek, or maybe a relaxing night or two in pristine forests, Jiwaka’s scenery and people will delight you.



Domestic flights arrive into neighbouring Mt Hagen airport from Port Moresby. From the airport, it’s a one-hour drive by car or 4WD to Banz, the provincial capital of Jiwaka province.

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