Papua Region

Western Province

Where Birds and Animal Life Outnumber People

Western Province


Our Western Province is unlike anywhere else in Papua New Guinea. This is the perfect destination for anglers, photographers and lovers of flora and fauna.

Explore our wide-open grasslands home to Rusa deer, wallabies and wild pigs. Spot crocodiles and lizards lingering patiently near riverbanks, and the flocks of wildfowl and ducks that seem to be flying across rivers on loop. This is where you’ll see two of the greatest rivers in the country, the Fly and the Strickland, run for almost their entire length through a single province.

The main town of Western Province on the small island of Daru, just off the coast is really the Wild Wild West. Once a busy pearl and beche-de-mer trading port, Daru is now the centre of a growing fishing industry. You’ll see crocodile skins from the province packed up and exported from here.



Domestic flights arrive directly into Daru from Port Moresby. You can access other parts of Western Province with third level airlines and charter planes.

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Bensbach Wildlife Lodge
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Region: Papua Region location: Western Province
ANGLING ADVENTURES has for over 30 years taken anglers to some of this country’s most unique and specialised fishing areas. ANGLING ADVENTURES provides anglers with that all important ingredient of local knowledge, which is the strength of our success. We deal with the best people in the best locations and we provide fishing tours for...
Region: Papua Region location: Western Province
The remote and sparsely populated South-Western corner of Papua New Guinea is home to our most isolated Wilderness Lodge – Bensbach. Unlike most of the country there are no towering mountains, no waterfalls, only wide, sweeping flood plains abundant with all forms of wildlife. Bensbach is our premier wildlife location in PNG. The grasslands teem...
Region: Papua Region location: Western Province
With its near decade of operation, Suki Eco-Lodge provides the best in freshwater game fishing for barramundi and Papuan black bass. The local people of Suki and the proprietor Mr Dawasi Tangora give an enthusiastic and hospitable welcome, as the area’s remoteness, which has preserved the fishing, also makes every visitor a treasured guest. Located...
Region: Papua Region location: Western Province
Kiunga Nature Tours is one of Papua New Guinea’s leading bird watching tour operators, locally owned and operated by Samuel Kepuknai and his team. See our brilliant birds in their natural habitat – birds-of-paradise, bowerbirds, satinbirds, fruit doves and more! Birding season in Papua New Guinea is best in the drier months of the year, April...
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