Tourism Awareness on Buses and Trains

Proudly Promoting Papua New Guinea on Buses and Trains

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA) Chief Executive Officer Mr Jerry Agus says mobile advertisements on PMV buses in Port Moresby are part of the organisation’s ongoing tourism awareness and promotions campaign.

Mr Agus said PNG TPA has advertised on about 10 PMV buses in Port Moresby aimed at educating ordinary Papua New Guineans about the importance of tourism because tourism is everyone’s business.

“We want Papua New Guineans to appreciate the role tourism plays in the development of our country and also in the development of individuals and communities that are involved in the tourism sector,” said Mr Agus.

“PNG TPA’s mobile campaign also promotes a message of maintaining cleanliness, maintaining our cultures and traditions, respect for one and other and more importantly being friendly towards our international visitors.”

Mr Agus said PNG TPA aims to promote similar mobile campaigns on PMV buses in other provinces and regions of PNG but funding has been a hindrance to expanding the campaign.

He said depending on funding availability in 2020, PNG TPA also aims to do wrap-around color advertising at selected bus stops in Port Moresby as well.

Mr Agus said a similar campaign for the international market has been undertaken in Australia, particularly in Brisbane and Sydney, where PNG TPA’s mobile advertisements can be seen on metropolitan train carriages.  Visit PNG from Australia. 

The advertising started this January (2020) and will end on March for a period of 12-weeks. There are seven trains in Brisbane and 28 trains in Sydney carrying the TPA logo promoting our ‘Highland Adventure Campaign’.  TPA will run a similar advertising campaign for the ‘Coastal Adventure’ starting in the second-quarter of the year.

This is all about promoting positive image on PNG as a desired tourism destination.

“Australia is PNG’s primary inbound tourism market and we want to continue to remind them through such advertising campaigns to come visit our beautiful country which is only few hours flying time from Brisbane or Sydney,” said Mr Agus.

He said PNG TPA will also continue with its tourism television programs on both NBCTV and EMTV in 2020 to help develop local tourism by encouraging Papua New Guineans to visit other parts of the country for holidays. 

Papua New Guinea Tourism ‘Highland Adventure’ Campaign. Image: Holly Marshall

Tourism Awareness Promotions on Port Moresby PMVs. Image: Wilfred Paka

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority official bus. Image: Digital Billboards

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