Momase Journeys

Visit the Momase Region. Made up of four provinces in the northeast of the mainland - Madang, Morobe, East Sepik and West Sepik - there are many journeys to experience in this region that take you through incredible rivers and coastal plains meeting extraordinary people and their cultures.

Made up of four provinces – East SepikMadangMorobe and West Sepik, this region takes in the second largest city of the nation, Lae, which is the capital of Morobe Province. Lae is situated at the beginning of the Highlands Highway, the main transport corridor to the coast. On the outskirts of Lae are wonderful rainforests, and in the city itself, a raft of shops, restaurants, cultural galleries, and Papua New Guinea tour agencies as well as PNG accommodation options. 

The East Sepik province produces cocoa, coffee, copra and sugar, while Madang is the country’s second-largest producer of cattle. With its tropical humid climate, normally between 24 and 32 degrees Celsius, it is envied by many around the country.