National Mask & Warwagira Festival

The National Mask & Warwagira Festival promotes the unique mask cultures of East New Britain Province.

The Festival is an extravaganza of cultural dancing, ritual performance, story-telling and exchange - with a variety of arts and crafts on display.  

The 2019 National Mask & Warwagira Festival will mark the 25th anniversary of the event and takes place from July 10th to 14th, in Kokopo at the Ralum showground. The festival is a cultural tribute to the people of East New Britain - the Tolai, Baining and Pomio.

The first day of the festival will include the 'Kinavai' - the arrival of the Tolai 'Tubuans' and 'Duk-Duks' at dawn.  Witness the traditional Tolai shell money exchanges that mark the opening of the festival.

At night visit the Baining people who live in the mountains and watch in amazement as men perform harrowing dances through blazing fires.

Treat yourself to the incredibly rare masked dances of the Pomio and Sulka people who travel for miles from the Wide Bay area of East New Britain to participate in the festival. 


Download the 2019 National Mask & Warwagira Festival program


For further information contact Mr. Allan Jubilee of the National Mask & Warwagira Festival Committee:  

Email [email protected] or Phone +675 7279-5014 / 7270-9261 


For travel information about Kokopo - home of the National Mask & Warwagira Festival, visit the East New Britain Tourism Authority website