Kemase Cultural Festival

13th - 14th September, 2023 

The Kemase Ecotourism Festival takes place in September a few days before the famous Goroka Show.  

Kemase village is in the Lufa District of the Eastern Highlands Province - under an hour's drive from the township of Goroka.  

The village is home to famous historical sites, such as limestone caves that feature prehistoric art.  

The festival will feature unique cultural dances from Kemase and other parts of the Eastern Highlands. 

Guests will be treated to an array of local cultural experiences - dances, rituals, feasts, arts and crafts and nature tours, including visits to the famous Kemase caves. 


For further information, contact Mr. Lincoln Kisuma of Kemase Tourism Services: call  +675 71774589 / 72892713 email [email protected] / [email protected]