Karimui Show

18th to 20th November, 2020

The Karimui Show in Simbu Province celebrates the natural wonders of the Mt Karimui Conservation Area Project.

In its third year running, this special festival brings together local communities in the Karimui District in an effort to encourage awareness and appreciation of their natural environment.

Experience the colourful 'singsings' (cultural dances) and unique rituals of the Simbu people of Karimui - famous for their cane walkers, unique head-dresses and striking ceremonial face-paints. 

The 2020 Karimui Show is a three-day event that will take place November 18-20. 

Karimui Show tour packages are available from the Karimui Show Committee, for further information contact Mr. Ken Mondiai or Mr. Chris Jamie, email: [email protected] or phone +675 323-6344 


2019 Karimui Show Cultural Stilt Performers
Stilt Walkers at the 2019 Karimui Show.


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