Jiwaka Cultural Show

Highlands Region
Banz Town Banz Jiwaka Province Papua New Guinea
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Tickets are K4 for adults and K2 for children under 12 years. For further information please contact the: Upper Kon Association Public Relations Officer Ms. Lydia Kumb Mobile: +675 7240-8671 Email: ukonassociation@gmail.com Upper Kon Association President Mr. Aaron Gunbi, President Mobile: +675 7035-0819 Email: abgunbi@gmail.com

The 2018 Jiwaka Mini Cultural Show will be staged in Jiwaka Province in the Highlands region, August 4th – 5th.

The Show will be staged in Wara Mombol in Banz Town a 40 minute drive from Mount Hagen.  Proceeds from the event will go towards community projects including upgrades to primary schools and health facilities.
The Jiwaka Show is the local community’s effort to showcase its most treasured asset – its unique culture and its people.

Visitors will witness traditional cultural displays distinctive to Jiwaka culture, these include: Foot Bridge Building – A traditional bridge structure built out of forest canes and vines developed by the Jimi people. 

‘Konk Numb’ or ‘Konk Gar’ – A courting ceremony between Jiwaka young men and women.Local youth are decked out in traditional finery and face paints amidst joyous dancing and singing.‘Ana Kolma’ – This lavish ceremony is a mark of new beginnings not just between a man and a woman but between tribes.Conflicts are resolved and new promises are made to strengthen families and clans.‘Kunda Kumba’ – After a funeral or the destruction of property this sombre ceremony is meant to reach a conflict resolution.

At the centre of these cultural practices is the traditional pig killing and the exchange of food and livestock.  Such ceremonies are public events that involve the entire community. There will also be face painting, traditional flute playing, string bands,’ bilum’ weaving displays, performances depicting local myths and legends as well as local arts and crafts being sold.The community event is aimed at reviving and encouraging participation in Jiwaka traditional culture especially through youths with support from local families.The Jiwaka Mini Cultural Show is planned to be an annual event held every first weekend of August.

Transport can be made available upon request by contacting the event organisers below. Accommodation can be arranged for festival visitors at guest houses – Jiwaka Mission Resort and Molka Lodge in Minj. 

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