East New Britain Shell Money Festival

19th September 2023 

The East New Britain Shell Money festival will be held in Kokopo, at the Malapau Beach Front.  

Tolai shell money in East New Britain Province is known as 'tabu'.  This traditional currency is still in use today, and is a very important feature of Tolai cultural ceremony, especially funerary rituals.   Tabu defines status and social order, as well as strengthens kinship ties in the Tolai society of East New Britain.  

Celebrate Tolai tabu culture in Kokopo this September -  "A Tabu anilaun; Shellmoney for Sustainability and Survival".  

Festival highlights include: 

- Kinavai performances by Tubuans 

- Traditional Tolai performances 

- Sharing of shellmoney 

- Displaying of cultural items 

- Students engagement in Tabu competition 

- Threading and coiling of Tabu 

- Tabu crushing race 

- Canoe racing 


For booth registration and the event program, please contact the event organizers: [email protected] or [email protected]; +675 7449-4650 / 7952-9102