Setting up a business in PNG

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Starting a business can be a troublesome endeavor for anyone, especially when in a country  as unique and raw as Papua New Guinea. In fact, most would be entrepreneurs whether local or foreign born, shy away from actually starting something.

As the main Authority on all things to do with tourism in country, one of our mandates is encouraging both local and foreign investment in PNG’s tourism sector. We have been in existence for more than twenty years and have a firm grasp on what is needed to get a business, especially a tourism business off the ground.

Here are the basic steps that if followed should move you a step closer to realizing that tourism business dream you always had.

You can also read the Investment Promotion Authorities ‘Quick Guide to setting up a business in PNG’ HERE

1. choose type of business

The type of business you will operate is crucial as not all businesses are suited to PNG.

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2. Choose business name

Your business name is your identity and should be unique but also localised.

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3. Register business

Register the business and ensure you remain transparent with the IPA on all matters to do with registration.

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Operating in PNG means contributing to the country through tax, so do enlist for a tax ID.

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