Step 2: Decide on a Business Name

Choosing a business name while relatively simple, is actually a decision that needs the same attention as any other step. The main rule in finding your unique business identity in PNG is to localise. How do you localise? By again doing what the afore mentioned step suggests. Visit the locale you intend to do business at and learn the ways of the people (interests, habits, traditions, etc.) and what kind of natural resources are available there.

Papua New Guineans are a literal people and will often take a business name as an implication for what services or products it sells. Coming to PNG and naming your eatery ‘Pasta House’ will not be as appealing to locals as, say, ‘Pig Roasters.’ This is because pasta is not a common food here. More importantly though, some intelligence gathering would indicate to you that pigs are considered a prized meal in contemporary PNG. Implying that one roasts this culinary delight at his or her establishment would draw customers in.

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