Step 1: Choose What Kind Of Business You Will Establish

Choosing the kind of business is probably the most important choice you can make and thus is one you do not take lightly. We recommend taking time prior to making a decision, to visit PNG or the place that you would like to operate in and get to know the people and the locale. In PNG, knowing the people will open up doors for you in ways that do not apply anywhere else in the world.

It is highly recommended that you also take into account the cultures and traditions of the various ethnic groups around PNG as various different people have very different ways of life and methods of doing things.

Lastly, you are going to want to see and need and fill a need. The universal rule for starting a business that is most likely to be successful is a tried and tested rule that does work. Thus visiting PNG, you will come across some instances where there is dire need for a product or service while other times, it is all about how you sell the intended product or service to the people.

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