Over 400 tourists from the United States arrived in Port Moresby to embark on a half-day tour on Good Friday 26 March. 

Arriving early in the morning, the tourists were aboard the MS Nautica, an expeditionary vessel owned by Oceania Cruises

The tourists embarked on a journey through Port Moresby, visiting unique sites that showcased the diverse beauty of the city. 

From the greenery of Port Moresby Nature Park to the House of Parliament, the journey also included stops at the National Museum, the World War 2 memorial, and the Tubusereia Village. For the adventurous tourists, a hike through the rugged trails of Varirata National Park offered breathtaking views of the areas around Port Moresby. 

The MS Nautica, which had previously visited Samoa, Fiji, and Australia, has a reputation for specializing in bringing tourists to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. 

Oceania Cruises’ Destinations Manager, Antonia Goffredi, said that Papua New Guinea holds a special attraction for travellers seeking an adventure.

“PNG is a very exotic destination for tourists. It’s one of those unique places where tourists want to visit. Despite the negative perceptions sometimes portrayed in the media, when you actually come here, you’re enchanted by the beauty of the country,” said Goffredi. 

Tourists in Tubuseria Village - Oceania Cruises' Destinations
One of the 400 tourists onboard the MS Nautica who visited Tubuseria Village during the Easter Long Weekend.

Goffredi emphasized the overwhelming interest among passengers aboard the MS Nautica to explore PNG.

“More than 80% of the passengers onboard wanted to see Papua New Guinea, and I believe more tourists will come once they experience the country firsthand,” said Goffredi.

Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo, Chief Executive Officer of the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, highlighted the significant contribution of cruise tourism to the country’s economy.

“Cruise tourism is an essential part of Papua New Guinea’s tourism industry. In recent years, we’ve witnessed a substantial increase in the number of visitors arriving via cruise ships.

With strategic marketing efforts, we aim to further boost tourism numbers and position PNG as one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the world,” said Uvovo.

The visit from MS Nautica marks its inaugural visit to Port Moresby. Another planned visit to the country is scheduled for November to Alotau.  



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More than 70 Czech tourists embarked on a full-day Port Moresby tour on Saturday 23 March marking one of the largest tour groups to traverse through the city.

Arriving on a private Boeing 737 on Friday 22 March, the group comprising of ESO Travel’s staff and tourists embarked on a full-day exploration around the city, visiting the National Museum, the house of parliament and the Port Moresby Nature Park.

The visit of this large group was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Trans Niugini Tours and ESO Travel, a leading Czech travel agency renowned for its specialization in exotic destinations.

Tomas Ruzicka, Marketing Director at ESO Travel, expressed his enthusiasm for PNG as a prime tourist destination.

“PNG is such a culturally diverse location, and this is the major attraction for our customers. It’s the authenticity of this destination that makes it one of our most exotic destinations in the world.

“The last time we brought tourists here, there were only around 20 people, now there’s more than 70, I think it will continue to increase as PNG becomes one of our most loved exotic destinations, “said Ruzicka.

Ruzicka emphasized the importance of government support in building the tourism sector in PNG’s economy.

“For the future of tourism in PNG, I think the government has to prioritize tourism as one of the key contributors in the country’s economy,” said Ruzicka.   

Czech Tourists In Papua New Guinea Parliament Haus Port Moresby 2024
Czech Tourist visiting the Parliament House in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Trans Niugini Tours’ Quality Assurance Manager & Operations Coordinator, Rachel Lare, said that she was pleased to be a part of the tour in Port Moresby.

“ESO Travel has been sending tourists to Papua New Guinea annually. However, due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, their operations were temporarily halted. This year’s visit, organized as a private charter, marked a significant return for both ESO Travel and tourism in PNG,” said Lare.

Lare also said that she is hopeful to continue working with ESO Travel and PNG Tourism Promotion Authority to promote PNG.

“2024 is our return to tourism and I am happy to work with all stakeholders to ensure that every tourist leaves Papua New Guinea with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for our country’s natural beauty and vibrant culture,” said Lare.

Eric Mossman Uvovo, CEO of the Tourism Promotion Authority, said that the visit of the group not only shows the growing interest in PNG as a unique destination, but also highlights the immense potential for development within the country’s tourism sector.

“The visit of the Czech tourist group is a testament to the allure of Papua New Guinea’s cultural and natural wonders. As more travelers discover the beauty and cultural richness of PNG. the future of tourism in Papua New Guinea appears increasingly promising,” said Uvovo.

Uvovo emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between public and private stakeholders in driving the growth of the tourism industry.

“Tour operators such as Trans Niugini Tours and ESO Travel has played a pivotal role in bringing about an influx of visitors to Papua New Guinea. These collaboration between our local operators and international travel agencies strengthens the country’s position as a global tourist destination,” said Uvovo.

The PNG leg of the tour group’s itinerary is a part of their 26-day global hopping adventure, with Philippines and Hong Kong as their next destinations.  


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Safe Traveler PNG Guidelines Coordination

The emergence of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) in late 2019 and later declared as a global pandemic in March 2020 has shifted the economic landscape of the world. Notably, the tourism and transport sector have been the hardest hit economic sectors amongst others.

Since the elevated risk of novel corona virus, the global tourism industry has experienced drastic economic impacts with travel coming to a standstill, therefore it is imperative that we navigate the unparalleled social and economic emergency that is COVID-19.

The Safe Traveler PNG Guidelines Program is an initiative of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) developed in December 2020 with the endorsement of the PNGTPA management and board, National Controller’s Office and the National Department of Health.

The program focuses on the ‘Niupela Pasin’ or simply reiterating the Covid19 health and safety protocols in the tourism industry. The operators are to follow the Covid19 protocols in order to maintain a clean, healthy and safe business for their guests and employees.

Following the passing of the National Pandemic Act 2020 and the new measures publicly circulated by the SOE Controller of PNG, PNGTPA has a responsibility to ensure tourism industry members are;

  1. Well equipped with knowledge on Covid19 and the necessary process for response, and
  2. Meet basic hygiene and cleaning requirements

These guidelines are our way of ensuring implementation of this Act within the tourism and hospitality sector.

The following Seven Guidelines have been created for:

  • The Traveler
    Accommodation (integrate into
  • Accommodation Accreditation Program)
  • Operators with facilities
  • Operators without facilities
  • Cruise Shore Excursion Operators
  • Tourist Attractions and Events
  • Host Communities and villages

Aim of the program:

  • Culmination of the Niupela Pasin and global best practices
  • Safe Tourism protocols that ensure health and safety standards specific to the tourism industry of PNG
  • Ensure a level of safety and awareness in the tourism industry of PNG – consumer confidence in the new normal
  • The Guidelines aim to protect – the Traveler, the Business, the Workforce and the Host Communities
  • Stamp of certification for tourist to recognize tourism destinations and business operators that have adopted health and safety protocols in their operation
  • The Guidelines are subject to change pending directives from SOE Controller’s office and/or Department of Health

Following the endorsement of the program, awareness campaigns were delivered in mid-2021 to East New Britain, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, West Sepik and the National Capital District. These visits focused on the objectives of the program to encourage membership. Membership to the program is free hence tourism operators are welcome to join the program at any time.

Image: PNGTPA Policy & Planning officer Mary Kanawi (back far left) and tourism workshop participants in Sandaun Province. 

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The year 2022 marks the 80th Anniversary of the World War II campaign, 1942 – 2022, a momentous period in Papua New Guinea history

Battles between the allied and axis powers raged across the territory of Papua and New Guinea – none more poignant to the memories of Australians, New Zealanders and Papua New Guineans than that of the Kokoda Track Campaign. 

Between July to November 1942 a series of Battles were fought along the Kokoda trail, beginning from the beaches of Buna in the Northern Province to Ower’s Corner, Koiari, in the Central Province.  

Casualties numbered in the thousands during the Kokoda campaign, and the tales of sacrifice, victory and defeat still linger among the descendants of those that lived to witness the battles.  National commemorations are held annually to remember those that served.   

For Papua New Guineans, the special days of commemoration are ANZAC Day, April 25th; National Remembrance Day, July 23rd; and Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels Day or Kokoda Day, November 3rd.  

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels are heroes of national renown in Papua New Guinea. They were native Papua New Guinean recruits who served as laborers, carriers and scouts during the Kokoda Campaign. 

The name Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels was immortalized in the poem ‘The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ by an Australian sapper, Bert Beros. 


The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels 

Many a mother in Australia,
When the busy day is done,
Sends a prayer to the Almighty
For the keeping of her son,
Asking that an Angel guide him
And bring him safely back
Now we see those prayers are answered
On the Owen Stanley track,
For they haven’t any halos,
Only holes slashed in the ears,
And with faces worked by tattoos,
With scratch pins in their hair,
Bringing back the wounded,
Just as steady as a hearse,
Using leaves to keep the rain off
And as gentle as a nurse.

Slow and careful in bad places,
On the awful mountain track,
And the look upon their faces,
Makes us think that Christ was black.
Not a move to hurt the carried,
As they treat him like a Saint,
It’s a picture worth recording,
That an Artist’s yet to paint.
Many a lad will see his Mother,
And the Husbands, Weans and Wives,
Just because the Fuzzy Wuzzy
Carried them to save their lives.

From mortar or machine gun fire,
Or a chance surprise attack,
To safety and the care of Doctors,
At the bottom of the track.
May the Mothers in Australia,
When they offer up a prayer,
Mention those impromptu Angels,
With the Fuzzy Wuzzy hair.

Sapper Bert Beros
NX 6925, 7th Div., RAE, AIF 

(The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels and other verses, published 1945) 

Photo by George Silk of Private Whittington and Raphael Oimbari, WWII New Guinea Campaign

Above image: Photo by George Silk of Australian Private George Whittington being led to a field hospital near Buna by carrier Raphael Oimbari. Image colorised by Aufa Tora Media

For more information on Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels Day and the Kokoda WWII 80th Anniversary, please email: or call +675 320-0211 


THE Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA), just like all National Tourism Offices around the world, is welcoming travellers back to Papua New Guinea with the reopening of the Tourist Information Centre at the Jackson’s International Airport in Port Moresby, Friday 14th October, 2022. 

The reopening of the Tourist Information Centre at Jackson’s International Airport was officially opened by CEO of the PNGTPA Eric Mossman Uvovo and CEO of the National Airport Corporation Rex Kiponge. 

The Centre, will be open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4.30 pm, and will serve as an information hub for all tourism enquiries at Jackson’s. There will be two friendly PNGTPA information officers who will be working full time at the Centre to assist enquirers. 

The Centre is in an ideal location where visitors at the Jacksons International Airport can easily walk over to the Tourist Information Centre to get information regarding travel and tourism, especially accommodation, tours, hire car, events and attractions in Papua New Guinea. 

The Tourist Information Centre was operational in 2019, however closed its doors when the COVID -19 Pandemic affected travel globally.

In early 2021, the PNGTPA renovated the Tourist Information Centre, but handed it over to the Health Department and TrackPro to conduct PCR Testing for arriving passengers. The Centre was vacated early this year, allowing the PNGTPA and NAC to carry out further maintenance and renovation. 

The PNGTPA is thankful to the National Airports Corporation for the enduring partnership over the last couple of years in helping promote tourism in the country. The PNGTPA and NAC will be signing an MOU to set up similar Tourist Information Centres in other airports across Papua New Guinea.

For further information email Ms. Alice Kuaningi 

Above Image: Official ribbon-cutting ceremony at the reopening of the Tourist Information Centre. 

Launch Information Booth 1

Above Image: (L-R) NAC CEO Rex Kiponge, PNGTPA CEO Eric Mossman Uvovo, PNGTPA Director Marketing Alice Kuaningi. 

Launch Information Booth 2

Above Image: Tourism information officers (L-R) Joy Wenapu and Gohi Oring.   


Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) after a vigorous process of organizing a dance competition, selecting the top-performing dance troupe, staging several rehearsals and preparing the group, is all set to send off the PNG National Dance Troupe to Dubai this week. With the support of the National Cultural Commission and UPNGs Creative Dance School and planning and preparatory work have now reached its final stage.

PNGTPA is a proud sponsor of young talented and gifted Papua New Guineans. Half of the group is made of Creative Arts and Dance students from the University of Papua New Guinea. Others are also professional creative individuals who have much experience in the dance and music industry. The expertise of Choreographers Mr. Steven Pagasa, Mr. David Taim of National Cultural Commission and Ms. Meriba Igara have prepared the PNG National Dance Troupe well. 

The National Dance Troupe will perform various contemporary genres or dances. The theme for the Papua New Guinea Pavilion is “Living in Balance with Nature”. 

The PNG TPA representatives in Dubai have also prepared the program for the visiting Dance performers and secured enough spots and venues at the Dubai World Expo for the group to perform.

The main event the group will perform at is the National Day for PNG which is set for 28th February 2022. The other performances will be at the Earth State, Australian Pavilion, Morocco Pavilion and Angola Pavilion. The group will be in Dubai from 18th – 28th February. 

PNGTPA sees the need to encourage our young people to develop professionally, embrace our origin, our culture, our heritage through songs and dances. The creative industry and entertainment industry involves professionals and taking this career path to develop professionally is not a mistake. 

Mr. Eric Uvovo, CEO of the PNGTPA said “Dubai World Expo is an International Event, we have planned to participate at and committed to supporting by sponsoring PNG National Dance Troupe. Giving such exposure to our youths and students gives them confidence, learn from others and gets them motivated to develop our creative dance and music industry. I wish them well and I know they will be great Ambassadors for Papua New Guinea. “

Mr. Uvovo added, “We are also thankful to the Government of the United Arab Emirates for the sponsorship of 12 performers.”

The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) is a statutory body wholly funded by the Government of Papua New Guinea and established under the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Act 1993. The ultimate goal of the PNGTPA is to market and promote Papua New Guinea to the world as a desirable travel destination. The PNGTPA is a proud member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the Pacific Asia Travel Association and the South Pacific Tourism Organization. 

Press Release:  PNG Tourism Promotion Authority
For more information contact Alice Kuaningi Mobile: (971) 0525510326 Email:   


The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) is glad to support the Music Industry of Papua New Guinea. One of its members is Anslom Ronald Nakikus.  Anslom will be performing at the Dubai World Expo 2020 from, 21st – 28th February 2022.   

The PNGTPA and the PNG Expo Secretariat wishes acknowledges sponsors such as DataCo for making Anslom’s trip possible. 

Anslom will be performing alongside the PNG National Dance Troupe at various Stages within the Expo.

“Anslom’s music is unique. It is pleasing to see Papua New Guinea musicians using their time, money and resources to develop themselves and using their successes to be motivated to do more,” said Ms. Alice Kuaningi, PNGTPA director marketing. 

To watch the live-stream of the Papua New Guinea performances at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, click: Papua New Guinea National Day, February 28th

The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) is a statutory body wholly funded by the Government of Papua New Guinea and established under the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Act 1993. The ultimate goal of the PNGTPA is to market and promote Papua New Guinea to the world as a desirable travel destination. The PNGTPA is a proud member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the Pacific Asia Travel Association and the South Pacific Tourism Organization. 

For more information contact Alice Kuaningi: Email: | Mobile: +971 0525510326 |

2021 National Remembrance Day in Port Moresby 

Staff of the PNG Tourism Promotion authority joined hundreds of observers at the 40th National Remembrance Day commemorations at the Ela Beach Remembrance Park, Port Moresby – Friday 23rd July 2021.

The Remembrance Day Service paid tribute to our nation’s armed forces, especially those that served in the civil and great wars, as well as peace keeping missions.

War veterans and their families joined the marching parades led by the RPNGC, PNGDF, PNGCS and closely followed by the Scouts and Girl Guides Associations of PNG – a moving show of respect and gratitude to fellow service men and women who had passed on.

Ambassadors, Heads of State, Heads of Government Departments and Agencies, as well as the Public, came to pay their respects – laying wreaths at the memorial.

Papua New Guinea’s armed service history, especially in the World Wars is always remembered with great pride.  From this chaotic and tragic time, Papua New Guinean heroes emerged – members of the Papuan Infantry Battalion and the unforgettable ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ who assisted Australian soldiers during the Battle of Kokoda. 

There is an incredible amount of history in Papua New Guinea – a million different stories worth discovering.

2021 Remembrance Day 2

Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture, Hon. Isi Leonard  laying wreaths at the memorial
Image Credit: Liebert Kirakar, PNGTPA

2021 Remembrance Day 1

Parade Marching to the Remembrance Park, Ela Beach, Port Moresby
Image Credit: Liebert Kirakar, PNGTPA


GOROKA’s recently opened Paradise Café is a must visit for those traveling to the Eastern Highlands capital.

Neatly located on the ground floor of the newly built Fresh Produce Development Authority building complex in the heart of Goroka town, Paradise Café adds value and offers variety to an ever-changing coffee and eatery culture in this amazing part of the highlands of Papua New Guinea by pouring out the best locally brewed ground coffee.

Also within the café is a gift shop offering high quality designer clothing from the Pacific including colourfully printed shirts and dresses for both adults and children alike at very reasonable prizes.

Hand crafted ceramic pieces including vases, tea pots, plates and cups hand painted with their own unique cultural designs also gives the customer a diversity of choices in gift ideas for friends or relatives.

Paradise Café is operated by Ms Keryn Hargreaves who is widely known globally as the ‘Goroka Show Lady’ as she is the Chair Lady of the popular Goroka Show.

“With Paradise Café we just wanted to offer something different for our national and international tourists when they visit Goroka,” said Ms Hargreaves.

Paradise Café is a hop across the street from the iconic Bird of Paradise Hotel so very convenient for tourists and visitors staying at the Bird.  

For further information, email:  

Image: ‘Goroka Show Lady’ owner of Paradise Café in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province 

Safe Traveler Initiative Begins in Papua New Guinea

Since the declaration of the global health pandemic in March 2020 and the emergence of the Novel Coronavirus within our Papua New Guinea borders, the heightened public health measures and border restrictions have had a severe effect on an economic sector that relies heavily on cross-border activities – the Tourism sector.

The Tourism sector is cross-cutting in nature, described as a multifaceted, evolving industry, many have been affected; hoteliers, accommodation owners, tour operators, artisans, tour guides, museums, provincial tourism offices, host communities have all lost a significantly.

According to the COVID-19 business survey conducted by PNG Tourism Promotion Authority  (PNGTPA) in April 2020, it was estimated that PGK67.9 million kina was lost in booking cancellation’s, pre-paid trade services and general revenue; over 1,209 staff had been laid off, and; more than 90% of tour bookings had been canceled. The numerous lock-downs have abruptly halted business operations and the consequences have become detrimental.

The PNGTPA, in its endeavor to guide the industry to build back stronger has developed the Safe Traveler PNG initiative for the tourism industry. The Safe Traveler PNG initiative will provide industry operators and service providers simplified guidelines of health and safety protocols and best practices on how to implement these safety protocols into the different types of businesses, regardless of whether an individual tour guide or an established tour company with facilities, these guidelines will cater to all.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo thanked the SOE Controller’s Office and the Department of Health for their support and endorsement of these guidelines, “Following the endorsement of these guidelines by our PNGTPA Board, it was vital endorsement be sought also from the SOE Controller and Department of Health as these guidelines were basically a sectoral approach towards the implementation of Niupela Pasin”.

The Safe Traveler Campaign will roll out in four phases:

  1. Safe Traveler campaign – official launching in June 2021, awareness and content distribution
  2. Safe Traveler inspection and certification
  3. Marketing and promotion of program and accredited operators
  4. Training and skills enhancement of industry representatives, operators, service providers etc.

“Our industry has been hit hard by this pandemic; industry operators are on the brink of closing operations. Domestic tourism is the way forward for the next 2-5 years to recover and stabilize this industry. The Safe Traveler initiative will ensure operators around the country implement health and safety protocols and are certified as “Safe” operators, giving the traveler assurance that they are well taken care of and that pathways are identified should a COVID-19 threat arise during their stay,” said Mr. Uvovo. 

Tourism industry operators, association member’s, accommodation owners and service providers are encouraged to reach out to PNGTPA should they have any queries in regards to this program. This program will be voluntary and will be available to all at no cost.

Questions or queries can be forwarded to email: or phone: Digicel: 7385 9706, Bmobile: 7558 2168, Landline: 3200211  

Safe Traveler West Sepik Awareness 3

Above: Safe Traveler awareness workshop with Sandaun Province tourism industry, facilitated by TPA Director Policy and Planning Ingrid Kuman

Safe Traveler Bougainville Awareness 2

Above: TPA Policy and Planning Officer Mary Kanawi conducting Safe Traveler awareness in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.


Safe Traveler Bougainville Awareness 4

Above: Provincial Coordination and Product Development Officer Clare Kolma conducting Safe Traveler awareness in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

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