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“PNG (Papua New Guinea) Holidays aims to promote Papua New Guinea as a safe and exotic holiday destination to the rest of the world.  We will provide accurate and up to date travel information, exciting and unique holiday experiences to a destination unlike anywhere else in the world.  We will encourage respect and understanding of Papua New Guinea Culture and Nature and will ensure that future tourism activity to and within Papua New Guinea is sustainable for the future  of everyone – locals and visitors alike”.

PNG Holidays is the vision of a few of us who have experienced PNG first hand and have a passion and understanding for Papua New Guinea and its exotic cultures, wildlife and pristine natural landscapes that remain virtually untouched by modern civilization. There has been much negative press towards PNG and its political instability, equally so mis-representation has taken place with regards to many of the outlying provinces that remain unscathed by the security issues of the capital – Port Moresby. We intend to redress the balance.

Martin Keating and Andrew Bowes have lived in Papua New Guinea having travelled extensively throughout the country. Together we have put together a holiday program to raise awareness of what PNG is all about and what it has to offer.

Certain parts of PNG have very little infrustructure so the best way of showcasing Papua New Guinea has been to build “Safe” holiday packages complete with airfares, accommodation and tours.  The hard work is already done.  PNG is an “easy” destination (When for example compared with Bali, Thailand and Fiji – all with their own problems but we have decided to offer PNG to the world ONLY via the Australian Travel Agency Network).  It is important to us and our Travel Agent network that visitors to Papua New Guinea are well briefed before their departure and this is just not practical via the Internet.  On our website, you will find a showcase of packages from these diverse cultures, the idyllic scenery and amazing activities which have been put together with many niche activities such as trekking, bird watching, surfing and diving – but we must stress that to fully enjoy the experience you must know everything and this is only possible via your local Travel Agent.  All packages on our website – and in our soon to be released brochure are ex-Australia.

The time has arrived to reveal the hidden gems of  Papua New Guinea and open the doors to a country that as a Tourism Destination is already gaining momentum and developing it’s own tourism infrastructure and understanding the importance of this aspect of it’s economy.  We will help Papua New Guinea to achieve this every way we can.

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