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World Tourism Day 2023: Tourism & Green Investments


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A Message from our CEO, Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo: 

Thank you for joining Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority as we celebrate ‘World Tourism Day’ 2023.

As most of you know, every year, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in collaboration with associate member countries decide on a host nation for the WTD celebrations. This year, the official host of the celebrations is Riyadh in beautiful and mysterious Saudi Arabia. 
The theme for this year is ‘Tourism and Green Investments’.
A theme that aims to refocus the efforts of the global tourism community from corporate and industrial activities to activities more centred on people, the planet and collective prosperity. 

As the country’s designated tourism authority, the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) supports this theme and believes that a move to emphasize our people, our planet and our prosperity is exactly what PNG’s tourism industry needs as the country continues its post-Covid recovery to normalcy. 

Even with the ongoing global crisis that is negatively impacting PNG through inflation, high energy prices, supply chain disruptions increasing debt and the recent bad publicity from increased crime, the country remains an attractive tourism destination. Since 2019, we are pleased to share that PNG has maintained a steady average of over 200,000 visitors seeking adventure, many of whom are return adventurers or niche market tourists.

With the global tourism industry focusing now on people, the planet and prosperity through green investment, PNGTPA will be heightening its efforts in this regard. 
This is nothing new however for PNGTPA. Green investment has always been the foundation of our product development regime. 

Over the past five to ten years, we have increased investments in niche tourism products and services, the promotion of cultural events and festivities and the re-development of marketing strategies to better open up access to PNG’s wealth of destinations. 

Our focus has been and always will be to promote PNG’s people and their rich cultures, protect PNG’s environments through the use of bio-friendly technologies where possible and realise overall prosperity. 

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This year’s theme cements this resolve.
Earlier this year in March, PNGTPA launched its four year Corporate Plan 2023-2026 which sets a clear vision for the Authority and articulates priority investments like ‘Green Investments,’ consistent with the Tourism Promotion Authority Act and the Tourism Sector Development Plan 2022-2026.
The realization of the corporate plan means that PNGTPA is already ahead of the curve in terms of having a plan in place to implement healthy tourism developmental aspirations like green investment.
That said, the Authority is now in the process of expanding its operations through a restructuring and resourcing phase which when completed, will allow it to explore more tourism product development opportunities and utilize more green and blue-inclined regimes.

 While these developments will of course be gradual, we intend to bring about industry-transforming developments for people, the planet and prosperity through:

  • People – Helping to improve the tourism and hospitality skills of service providers through the provision of training and up-skilling workshops.
  • Planet – Exploring old and new bio-friendly technologies like rainwater catchment, grey-water recycling, solar panel use and the use of composting toilets.
  • Prosperity – Supporting more small – medium tourism operators to bring their services up to industry standards and help them package their services and products for domestic and international tourists.

As stated above, there is indeed much to be done. But PNGTPA is determined to ensure PNG continues its upward climb in the eyes of the global community as a nation with a million different journeys and the destination for its next adventure. 

To conclude, PNGTPA thinks the theme ‘tourism and green investments’ is a timely theme that reminds us to stay the course and improve upon currently running green investments for the people, planet and prosperity.

Happy World Tourism Day everybody!


PNGTPA participated in the 14th DWU Liklik Diwai Turism Expo on the 20th of September in Madang in what was a leadup event to WTD. While many other events will be held to observe WTD, the following are the main events PNGTPA will be participating in today:

  • The co-hosting a World Tourism Day Forum and Expo in Lae, Morobe Province 
  •  17th UPNG Tourism Convention 

 We encourage anyone who is available at these respective locations to come and join us as we celebrate WTD.

For further information, email the Provincial Coordination and Product Development Division of the Tourism Promotion Authority,  

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