West New Britain Province


Our diving and volcanic activities will pull you back to West New Britain again and again.

Kimbe Bay in West New Britain is fringed by a number of active volcanic mountains. Dive magnificent volcanic caves draped in staghorn coral and reef drop-offs from the dive centre at Walindi Plantation Resort. If you’re keen to keep your head above water, the fishing, trekking, and hot springs are excellent diversions in this area, meaning non-divers can also enjoy the superb natural surroundings.

Must see

  • Explore the deepest recorded cave system in the southern hemisphere at Muruk in the Nakanai area.
  • Try the famous Numundo Beef farmed locally and exported to the world.
  • Visit the Talasea District in an active volcanic region.

How to get there

Domestic flights arrive at the Hoskins airport in Kimbe from Port Moresby daily. A number of coastal ships also call in at Kimbe on their way to and from Lae and Rabaul. 


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