Baia Sportfishing Lodge

Islands Region
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Kimbe Town Kimbe West New Britain Papua New Guinea

Baia Lodge is situated beside the Baia village which is surrounded by various Black Bass River systems. Approximately 4.5 hours from the main town Kimbe, we will take you to Baia by boat or car where you can spend up to 4 to 6 nights at the Lodge fishing for Black Bass & Spottail Bass. The rivers near our lodges are home to some of the biggest bass on the planet, with some reaching over 50lb! The surrounding ocean also provides excellent blue water fishing for a variety of tropical species. The lodge is equipped with electricity, running water and all basic amenities to make your stay a comfortable one. Baia offers the perfect PNG fishing and cultural experience for all anglers.

Apart from the keen anglers, Baia boasts as a great family destination offering various adventures from waterfalls, rivers, snorkelling and village tours. Whether it is a fishing trip or a family trip, Baia will be an experience you won’t forget.

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