TPA Engages PNG Tourism Industry in Virtual Events at Expo2020 Dubai Promoting Travel and Connectivity

TPA Engages PNG Tourism Industry in weeklong virtual events at Expo2020 Dubai Promoting Travel and Connectivity

THE World Expo 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates delivered a successful Travel & Connectivity week, 9th – 15th January 2022.  

The purpose of the Expo 2020 thematic week was to create international dialogue on addressing the interrelated global challenges of Travel and Connectivity.  

As a participating country at the Expo 2020, Papua New Guinea – through the PNG Expo Team, hosted a series of virtual events during the Travel & Connectivity week aimed at promoting investment opportunities for tourism in the country.  These events included a virtual information session for the PNG tourism industry, an investment forum involving a number of tourism businesses and agencies in Papua New Guinea, including online access to the Expo 2020’s major Travel & Connectivity forum.  

Ms Alice Kuaningi, the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority Director of Marketing, facilitated the Tourism Industry Information Session and the PNG Investment Forum – Ecotourism & Connectivity held at the Expo 2020 during the mid-January thematic week. 

“Papua New Guinea’s exposure as a travel destination at the Expo 2020 has attracted a lot of interest in the Arab and Middle East tourism market.  I have met many individuals from this part of the world who appreciate the niche tourism products that our destination offers, we are certainly on the radar of travellers seeking places to visit that don’t have mass tourism, and this is understandable considering the global pandemic we are facing,” said Ms Kuaningi after the culmination of the Expo 2020 Travel & Connectivity week.  

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority is one of several key government agencies that make up the PNG Expo Team representing the country of Papua New Guinea at the Expo 2020 in Dubai.  

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Above: (Centre) Ms. Alice Kuaningi, TPA Director of Marketing with PNG Investment forum attendees at the Expo 2020 in Dubai. 

Above: (L-R) Ms Alice Kuaningi, TPA Director of Marketing; Ms Pauline Riman, TPA Digital Marketing Officer; and Ms Beverly Puton, IPA Media Manager.

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