More than 30 female employees from the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) came together to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March in Port Moresby.

The event was a vibrant and empowering event, celebrating the crucial role that women play in promoting tourism in the country.

Both men and women were adorned in their special purple attire, which showcased unity and solidarity, emphasizing the significance of this year’s Women’s Day through inspiring inclusion.

The highlight of the event was a special cake-cutting ceremony dedicated to the female employees. The occasion was marked with inspiring remarks aimed at supporting and empowering the women who contribute significantly to the tourism sector in Papua New Guinea.

Claire Kupo, TPA’s Executive Manager for Corporate Affairs, delivered a poignant message during one of the activities at the event. She described women as “incubators for change,” acknowledging the transformative power they hold in various aspects of life.

Kupo expressed her admiration for the resilience and creativity of women, emphasizing their ability to turn ordinary things into extraordinary outcomes.
“You give women a grocery list and they give you a meal, you give women a seed and they give you children; women are miraculous in our way,” said Kupo.

Kupo also took a moment to commend her male colleagues present, expressing gratitude for their continuous support. She acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the entire team, emphasizing that the success and growth of TPA are only made possible through the unwavering support received from both men and women working together.

Daphne Galore, TPA’s Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer with twenty-seven years of experience in the business, emphasized the significance of supporting women in the field of tourism. Galore highlighted the positivity and resilience that women bring, despite the challenges they often face in their pursuit of recognition within society.

“Supporting women in the tourism space is crucial, as it not only empowers them to advance into leadership roles but also enables them to contribute significantly to decision-making processes. This, in turn, positively impacts various aspects of society, such as improved health outcomes, increased economic growth, and poverty reduction,” said Galore.

Galore encouraged young aspiring women in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry to have passion for their careers in the tourism industry.
“I believe having a genuine passion for people is paramount. In our line of work, we interact with diverse individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds. This genuine passion enables us to create memorable experiences for all, “said Galore.

Galore also highlighted the existing gap between tourism graduates and professionals in the workforce, stressing the importance of bridging this divide through the importance of continuous learning and growth in the ever-evolving tourism sector.

The celebration not only marked a day of recognition for the female employees but also served as a reminder of the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. TPA’s commitment to gender equality and empowerment was evident throughout the event, reflecting a positive step forward in ensuring that women continue to thrive in the field of tourism and hospitality. 

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