Siwai Cultural Show

12th to 13th August, 2023 

The Siwai Cultural Show is a celebration of the unique cultural, historical and natural wonders of Siwai District, in the south of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. 

Organized by the Siwai South Bougainville Tourism Association, the cultural show also aims to showcase the variety of experiences on offer in Siwai and other parts of South Bougainville - from Kieta, Aropa, Buin and many more incredible places.  

Guests attending the event, and arranging travel through the show organizers will be treated to an amazing three-hour driving tour from Buka Town through to Tinputz, Wakunai, Arawa, the Panguna Mines then into the Siwai District.   Show visitors can stay at the comfortable Panakei Lodge next to the show grounds.  As part of the event program, there is opportunity for guests to visit local communities and meet the friendly villagers.  



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