Kutubu Kundu & Digaso Festival

21st to 23rd September, 2023

The 2023 Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival offers a rare showcase into the fascinating culture the Lake Kutubu people in the Southern Highlands Province.

The Festival takes place at Daga Village, Pymaga Station and at Tugiri beside Lake Kutubu.  

Daga village is home to one of the Southern Highlands Province's famous cultural wonders - the 'Long Hausman' of the Foi people.  This 'hausman' is a traditional dwelling built specifically for men and is perhaps one of the longest traditional thatched huts in the world.   Much of the cultural dances take place here at Daga featuring tribes as far away as the Nipa and Mount Bosavi. 

On the final day of the Festival, visitors will be taken to Lake Kutubu, Papua New Guinea's second largest lake to witness an amazing traditional canoe race and exciting drama performances. 

Festival access is by chartered flight and four-wheel-drive.  Accommodation is available for visitors at Daga village and at Lake Kutubu.   


For further information and bookings, email the event organizers: [email protected]  
phone: +675 74678752