Yaskom Resort Hotel

Highlands Region
Accommodation Type
YASKOM RESORT HOTEL, P.O.Box 252 Wabag 291 Enga Province Papua New Guinea

Yaskom Resort Hotel is located at the border of Wabag and Laiagam Districts. Distance: 13 kilometres away from Wabag town and 50 minutes of driving. Resort facility with a total of 25 x rooms including 12 x executive, 8 x deluxe and 5 x standards. Facilities: Restaurant, 2 x separate conference room, Digicel Play in every room, eater provided in every room for guests warming, hot/cold water in all rooms, helipad area for chopper landing, boats provided for boating. Attractions: nice view of famous and legendary Lake Ipae/Sirunki; located a kilometre away and 15 minutes of walk to the lake site, developed fresh water pools, huge spacious car park area, bar, orchid species in and around the facility’s vicinity, pool of traditional water reeds. Meal/tariffs: breakfast- bacon wit sausage/bread, baked beans, lunch – chicken with chips/fried or boiled and dinner – chicken with chips/fried or boiled, rice with stew. Rooms/tariffs: executive K350.00, deluxe K250.00 and standards K150.00.

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