Shady Rest Hotel

National Capital District
Accommodation Type
PO Box 206 Gordons Port Moresby National Captial District Papua New Guinea

The Shady Rest Hotel is known for its customer service excellence. The hotel holds 74 rooms, 14 of which are newly built Executive rooms in a clean and modern design and 30 top quality spacious Premier Rooms. One of Port Moresby’s top hotels, The Shady Rest Hotel is conveniently located 7 minutes from the International and Domestic airports and 5 minutes from the downtown business district.

Located on Taurama Road in 3-mile Boroko and close to both main hospitals, The Shady Rest Hotel offers fresh air with its unique tribal carvings and colourful flora, creating a relaxing escape in the middle of a busy city.Tourists have claimed the hotel to be a “Bird watchers heaven”, where over 50 types of birds have been sighted.

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