Port Moresby Adventure Park

National Capital District
14 Mile, Sogeri Road, Port Moresby Port Moresby 121 National Capital District Papua New Guinea

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is no adventure park with rollercoaster rides waiting, but rather a fun park including a small zoo.

Here you’ll find most of Papua’s iconic birds and animals such as the Ragianna bird-of-paradise with its dazzling colors and plumage, the daunting saltwater crocodiles, the flamboyant Victoria Crowned pigeons and much more. The resplendent garden of orchids is a star attraction. Take note of the crocodile feeding time (Saturday & Sunday at 3pm), a spectacle in itself.

Adventure seekers should not miss the crocodile feeding

There are winding pathways to other attractions like the Wildlife Sanctuary, water slides for kids and a Ferris wheel, picnic sites and man-made ponds filled with fish. You can hire rods and reels from the shop to fish yourself, a fun activity for the entire family.

Indulge in an afternoon walk in the park, one of the best ways to relax in Port Moresby. Don’t be surprised to run into couples taking pictures on their wedding day. The handsome grounds are as picturesque as they are inviting. Admission is free, besides the rides you wish to go on.

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