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Ornitholidays is the longest established birding company in the world, having started in 1965.

It has grown gradually over this period to offering around 70 tours a year. From 2018 Ornitholidays will be managed by SKUA Nature Group s.n.c., an Italian company that has collaborated with the old Ornitholidays managers for years.

The new management, as the old one, is perfectly able to guarantee the best safeguards for your money.


Our tours range from short breaks in Europe to 3 weeks holidays further afield.

To enjoy these holidays to the full, all you need is a love of birds and wildlife and the desire to travel.

The vast majority of our holidays are run at a relaxed pace, anyway you will find a big variety of proposals: from the most adventurous ones – as the tour to Kyrgyzstan – to the most easy ones – as the Portugal tour at leisure; from birdwatching and wildwatching tours to specially-organized wildlife photography expeditions; from holidays that combines birds and culture – as Birds&Wine tour in Italy – to short breaks to focus on specific species – as the Kerkini tour for Pelicans.

Is Ornitholidays Right For Me?

There are a large number of factors that have to be considered when booking an escorted holiday, especially one that Involves birdwatching or wildlife photography

Tour leaders

Our tours are escorted, so your leader is a very important ingredient of the holiday.

There are many companies offering escorted holidays, but few use full-time leaders. Ornitholidays has a group of professional guides, expert birders who spend their whole year taking birding parties around the world – most of them have led over 150 tours and some over 250.  Their job is to make sure you enjoy your holiday and see the wildlife.They are not taking their annual holiday, but are well paid, highly motivated and dedicated leaders who are there for you and you alone. Most of our tour leader are exellent all-round naturalists, having a very deep knowledge about other groups of animals too (insects, reptiles, etc.) that add an important plus to the tour itself.

Not to mention our local guides in some destinations, the best experts on their land, among which we mention editors of Birding and Wildlife guides.

When booking a holiday consider the advantages of being led by such a leader – there is no choice really! On many holidays we also employ local guides to accompany the group, providing valuable insight into their country, its history and traditions, as well as its birds and wildlife.


What about the cost of the holiday – why are some companies cheaper than others for a similar itinerary? When you compare holidays think about what each company is providing.The accommodation we use is often the best available, our tour leaders have years of experience and a very deep knowledge on the destinations and their fauna.

Wildlife Expeditions: a new section for Ornitholidays

The new management, apart from offering new exciting birding tours, added a new specialised selection of tours to the 2019 brochure: wildlife photography expeditions.

Thanks to our other SKUA’ big project, the INNATE Network, we manages several private and public (with entrance restrictions) estates specially developed for nature tourism, with a special focus on wildlife photography.

Estates are located in several countries of the World and are now destinations of our photo expeditions. In addition to those we also offer short breaks photo tours for people that haven’t so much time free from the job but do not want to loose opportunities to fulfill their passion.

Our leaders for the photographic session are skilled photographers, able to help you getting the best out of your photographic holiday.

In conclusion…

We have been organising holidays for a long time, so we know the best ground agents to use and the best areas to visit. How many other companies can boast they have been visiting many destinations for over 53 years?

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