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Original Diving Papua New Guinea

Original Diving are a team of committed divers, marine biologists and travellers dedicated to creating the best luxury diving holidays around the world. They create tailor-made itineraries that perfectly suit their clients’ needs, using their expert knowledge of destinations.

As one of the few countries left in the world that can still be regarded as ‘off-the-beaten-track’, Papua New Guinea boasts some truly world-class diving in unspoilt waters, with the added benefit of there being virtually no one else there. And it’s not just the underwater world that is unspoilt, in land there is plenty to be discovered, be it learning more about the country’s fascinating culture or enjoying the abundant bird and other wildlife.

The experts at Original Diving have extensively researched both the coastal and inland areas of Papua New Guinea in search of the very best accommodation, top dive sites and other must-visit spots to allow them to create fantastic bespoke diving itineraries.

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