Kavieng Niu Lodge

Islands Region
Accommodation Type
Guest House and Hosted, Self-Catering
Tanga St Kavieng New Ireland Papua New Guinea

Kavieng Niu Lodge is right in the heart of Kavieng, the quiet little town that is the capital of this friendly collection of tropical islands of ours, New Ireland.

Check the maps for our location: Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.
Air conditioned, quality accommodation

We offer quality air conditioned accommodation ideal for tourists and business travelers ranging through luxury and standard motel suites and rooms to backpacker style shared rooms to suit the needs of visitors with different tastes and budgets.

With out spacious, fully equipped, air conditioned conference room, we are the conference center for New Ireland.

We also offer guests:

Full meals service with local and overseas ingredients
Tropical dining environment on our balcony — or room service if you prefer
A friendly in-house bar with good prices for a range of beers, mixes, and soft drinks.
FREE pick up and drop off at the airport for all booked guests.

Tours and hire cars

We offer all our guests tours and hire cars with our associate company, Star Hire & Rental, and contacts with friendly competitors for specialized tours such as surfing, diving, or fishing.

But most of all, we offer you the peace of mind and relaxation of our exotic tropical island home and an excellent base in Kavieng for those doing business.

Come, but be aware of the risk! Kavieng and New Ireland’s special charms are like a magnet drawing you back even after decades. You might not want to leave and you will want to return!

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