The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) presented a cash donation of K5,000 to the University of Papua New Guinea’s (UPNG) Journalism Student Society (JSS) to support the development of aspiring journalists who will play a crucial role in promoting tourism in the country.
The cheque presentation took place during the World Press Freedom Day celebration on Friday 3 May at the UPNG campus, Port Moresby.

PNGTPA’s Acting CEO and Executive Manager for Research & Business Development, Douglas Keari, was invited as a guest speaker for the World Press Freedom Day celebration where he delivered a compelling presentation to the eager journalism students centred on the theme of, Building Resilience: Mitigating the Impact of Traumatic Events on Tourism in Papua New Guinea.

“Young journalists, we need your help to shape Papua New Guinea’s reputations, our narrative is crucial for our nation’s growth and development,” said Keari.

He emphasized the importance of resilience in overcoming challenges faced by the tourism industry and encouraged students to explore innovative solutions to safeguard the sector against adverse events that may tarnish the country’s reputation.

In light of recent traumatic events that have affected tourist destination in PNG, Keari urged the young journalists to help reshape the narrative surrounding the country’s tourism industry. He highlighted the importance of showcasing the country’s unique attractions, cultural diversity, and warm hospitality to attract visitors and boost tourism revenue.

As part of PNGTPA’s efforts to build a better reputation for Papua New Guinea as a travel destination, Keari encouraged the young journalists to use the power of journalism in telling compelling stories, advocating for positive change, and engaging with international audiences.

The donation demonstrates PNGTPA’s commitment to cohesion and partnership in supporting educational initiatives and empowering the next generation of journalists. 

Through financial assistance and knowledge-sharing, PNGTPA aims to equip aspiring journalists with the skills and resources needed to contribute positively to the promotion of tourism in Papua New Guinea.

“Our support demonstrates our long-term collaboration with our journalists in the country, and as future storytellers, student journalists have a unique opportunity to shape the narrative of Papua New Guinea and showcase its beauty to the world.

It reflects our belief in the power of journalism to inspire, educate, and promote positive change. By empowering student journalists, we are investing in the future of Papua New Guinea’s tourism industry and paving the way for a brighter future. It is through their words and images; they have the ability to captivate audiences and open the world’s eyes to the wonders of Papua New Guinea,” said Keari.

President of the Journalism Students Society (JSS) at UPNG, Kristoffa Tapungu thanked PNGTPA for its timely donation.

“This year, we’ve planned a range of events, including motivational nights and fundraisers, to support journalism and provide valuable opportunities for our members. With PNGTPA’s generous support, we can make these initiatives a reality and make a positive impact on our members’ education and professional development.

On behalf of the entire JSS team at UPNG, I want to express our sincere gratitude to PNGTPA for their generous donation and unwavering support. Thank you, PNGTPA, for investing in the future of journalism in Papua New Guinea,” said Tapungu.

PNGTPA’s donation to the UPNG Journalism Student Society reflects its ongoing commitment to supporting education and promoting Papua New Guinea. Through collaborative efforts with future journalists, PNGTPA aims to create a new narrative that highlights the country’s strengths and promotes tourism as a key driver of economic development and cultural exchange.

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