More than 70 Czech tourists embarked on a full-day Port Moresby tour on Saturday 23 March marking one of the largest tour groups to traverse through the city.

Arriving on a private Boeing 737 on Friday 22 March, the group comprising of ESO Travel’s staff and tourists embarked on a full-day exploration around the city, visiting the National Museum, the house of parliament and the Port Moresby Nature Park.

The visit of this large group was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Trans Niugini Tours and ESO Travel, a leading Czech travel agency renowned for its specialization in exotic destinations.

Tomas Ruzicka, Marketing Director at ESO Travel, expressed his enthusiasm for PNG as a prime tourist destination.

“PNG is such a culturally diverse location, and this is the major attraction for our customers. It’s the authenticity of this destination that makes it one of our most exotic destinations in the world.

“The last time we brought tourists here, there were only around 20 people, now there’s more than 70, I think it will continue to increase as PNG becomes one of our most loved exotic destinations, “said Ruzicka.

Ruzicka emphasized the importance of government support in building the tourism sector in PNG’s economy.

“For the future of tourism in PNG, I think the government has to prioritize tourism as one of the key contributors in the country’s economy,” said Ruzicka.   

Czech Tourists In Papua New Guinea Parliament Haus Port Moresby 2024
Czech Tourist visiting the Parliament House in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Trans Niugini Tours’ Quality Assurance Manager & Operations Coordinator, Rachel Lare, said that she was pleased to be a part of the tour in Port Moresby.

“ESO Travel has been sending tourists to Papua New Guinea annually. However, due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, their operations were temporarily halted. This year’s visit, organized as a private charter, marked a significant return for both ESO Travel and tourism in PNG,” said Lare.

Lare also said that she is hopeful to continue working with ESO Travel and PNG Tourism Promotion Authority to promote PNG.

“2024 is our return to tourism and I am happy to work with all stakeholders to ensure that every tourist leaves Papua New Guinea with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for our country’s natural beauty and vibrant culture,” said Lare.

Eric Mossman Uvovo, CEO of the Tourism Promotion Authority, said that the visit of the group not only shows the growing interest in PNG as a unique destination, but also highlights the immense potential for development within the country’s tourism sector.

“The visit of the Czech tourist group is a testament to the allure of Papua New Guinea’s cultural and natural wonders. As more travelers discover the beauty and cultural richness of PNG. the future of tourism in Papua New Guinea appears increasingly promising,” said Uvovo.

Uvovo emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between public and private stakeholders in driving the growth of the tourism industry.

“Tour operators such as Trans Niugini Tours and ESO Travel has played a pivotal role in bringing about an influx of visitors to Papua New Guinea. These collaboration between our local operators and international travel agencies strengthens the country’s position as a global tourist destination,” said Uvovo.

The PNG leg of the tour group’s itinerary is a part of their 26-day global hopping adventure, with Philippines and Hong Kong as their next destinations.  


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