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PNG Tourism Sector Development Project

The World Bank is supporting an ambitious US$20 million partnership with the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority. The project, which began in 2017, aims to develop Papua New Guinea’s tourism offering with particular emphasis on Milne Bay and East New Britain as prime locations.


1. Institutional and policy frameworks

Ensuring that government entities at the national, provincial and local level all understand the importance of specific tourism products in respective locations and that they work in unison to improve these products.

2. Infrastructure and community/product development

A focus on small to medium scale developments in actual infrastructure and human resources to ensure the tourism services, such as cycling and kayaking in New Ireland, are delivered well.

3. Project Management

Monitoring and maintaining the new tourism offerings.


The project recognises the contribution tourism can make in local economies and implements an integrated approach in Milne Bay and East New Britain to benefit these communities. This includes investing in infrastructure, developing diverse attractions, regenerating urban spaces, better managing cultural heritage sites, developing handicraft skills, and attracting private sector investment for tourism-related SME development.


The project development objective is to improve tourism services in targeted destinations.
High-level objectives include;
The Project activities are expected to benefit residents, tourists and enterprises in the two provinces.
Project Documents
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