Provincial MOUs

MOUs between the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Provincial Goverments

Provincial Memorandum of Understandings is one of our major projects.  It is coordinated by the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture through its newly created Provincial Coordination and Product Development Division. The project was initiated to create an avenue for TPA and its sister agencies(National Cultural Commission and National Museum and Art Gallery) to better discuss and address tourism, arts and culture agendas with provincial administrations at provincial levels.

The ultimate purpose of the project is to sign a document (a memorandum of understanding) with provincial governments/administrations including districts and partners that wish to prioritise tourism, arts and culture as vehicles to bring much needed development to their respective localities. Basically, provinces and other partners that wish to partner with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture through this MOU are required to agree to share the responsibility of developing tourism, arts and culture in their province by way of allocating resources adequately as and when required.

The signing of the document is done by representatives of each of the parties (Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Provincial Government) of the MOU. The Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture signs on behalf of the Ministry and each of the agency heads of the three agencies under the ministry signs on behalf of their agencies whilst the Governor or his proxy signs on behalf of the province and the Provincial Administrator or his proxy signs on behalf of the provincial administration.

The MOUs are tailored to the needs of respective provinces and partners.  Each MOU outlines the roles and responsibilities of Tourism Promotion Authority and that of the province or partner in developing tourism in respective localities by pooling the scarce resources to maximise the benefits.

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