Expression Of Interest

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority is seeking a Graphics Designer to Design the layout of the a Crisis Management Strategy.

Expression of interest and Information for Designer

Section 1: Information for Graphic Designer

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA) is soliciting a Request for Expression of Interest (RFE) from an experienced Port Moresby-based firm or individual to design the layout of its newly developed Crisis Management Plan.
The engagement period for the Scope of Work contained within this RFP will be for four (4) weeks, commencing from the signing of the contract.

Closing time and date

Submission address

Ms. Mary Kanawi, Project Officer, Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority
Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority, Pacific MMI Building, 5th Floor, Champion Parade, Port Moresby, NCD.

Selection Process


General terms and conditions

Professional fees

Intellectual Property

Section 2: Scope of Services

The Crises Management Strategy Plan has been developed in four parts. The strategy plan needed to be laid out clearly and neatly using TPA brand themes and designs with creative tourism-related images.

This is a one-time project.

Project Description

For a national tourism organization such as PNGTPA being a government statutory body, developing a Crisis Management Plan will assist immensely in providing support in terms of preparedness on how the management team can effectively and in a timely manner respond to any form of crisis. The Crisis Management Plan outlines four key areas of how to manage crisis/risks. The booklet is broken down to:

  1. The Manual
  2. Communications Plan
  3. Tool kits
  4. References

Section 3: Submission Requirements

Qualification and Experience Required

Company Details

Required supporting documentation for submission:

Engagement of Professional Services

The selection of professional services will be awarded to the most suitable candidate/firm as per the selection criteria. The final selection will be made by management.

Submission Guidelines

Contact Details

Submission of proposal and supporting documents must be addressed directly to:

Ms. Mary Kanawi
Policy and Planning Division
PNG Tourism Promotion Authority
Level 5 Pacific MMI Building
PO Box 1291
Port Moresby, National Capital District

CC: Ms. Ingrid Kuman, Director of Policy and Planning

Electronic submissions are preferred.

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