Extraordinary and diverse customs and traditions
Papua New Guinea

Ignite your senses simply through exposure to our diverse and continuous culture on your visit to Papua New Guinea.

In Papua New Guinea you’ll come face to face with some of the oldest continuing culture on the planet. You’ll mainly meet Melanesian people though some areas are also home to descendants of Polynesian and Micronesian settlers from across the Pacific islands.

From our remote villages to our urban centres, you’ll find that our customs are passionately maintained in elaborate rituals that accompany deaths, feasts, marriages, compensation ceremonies and initiation rites.

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Our main cultural festivals take place annually from July to November throughout the country.

Cultural Locations
Region: Papua Region location: Milne Bay Province
Landtours Is an intimate and intriguing tour so you can see PNG culture and the people of Alotau.  You will visit two villages and one of the families makes things out of the bark of trees. They are also located in the area where the war started as you will see. We also go to...
location: Nationwide
Jouw reis naar Australië, Nieuw-Zeeland en de South Pacific verdient een specialist. Iemand die bergen lokale reiservaring inzet om jouw reis speciaal te maken. Aussie Tours was de start van Best Of Travel. Dus Oceanië heeft eeuwig een plekje in ons hart. En dat voel jij in het reisvoorstel dat je krijgt. Doe hier inspiratie...
Region: Islands Region location: West New Britain Province
Baia Sportfishing caters to all types of groups. Whether you are after the perfect family holiday, cultural experience or an epic fishing adventure, Baia Sporfishing can cater to make your experience a memorable one. Opened in 2004, Baia Sportfishing in West New Britain Province offers an eco-tourism destination where anglers can catch the Mighty Papuan Black Bass and Spottail Bass....
location: Nationwide
Holidays to Papua New Guinea A land that is bound to intrigue, excite and astound in equal measure, Papua New Guinea has always been surrounded by myths and superlatives and, for those with an adventurous spirit, a genuinely different experience awaits. Your Papua New Guinea holiday ingredients range from highland tribal festivals with painted warriors,...
Best Of Png Diving Kimbe September 2014 4
location: Overseas
Best of PNG, a subsidiary of Indigo Safari’s Limited, creates tailor-made itineraries to the four best dive resorts in Papua New Guinea, like: Tufi, Lissenung, Rapopo, Walindi (and the liveaboards FeBrina, Oceania, and Golden Dawn), as well as cultural trips, Highland sing-sings, Sepik River mini-expeditions, outrigger safaris, bird watching and mountain treks. Using our expertise and local knowledge,...
location: Nationwide
Founding the company The company’s history stretches back to 25 May 1758 when Richard Cox was appointed as regimental agent to the Foot Guards by his mentor, Lord Ligonier, the commander-in-chief of His Majesty’s Armed Forces. The actual moment of appointment is captured in the allegorical scene shown in the painting above by the well-known...
Crooked Compass is a boutique tour operator offering small group and customized tours encouraging you to experience the lesser known side of Papua New Guinea. Sample a Crooked Compass itinerary that features a fascinating cultural festival. Be amazed by the unique cultures and traditions that this Melanesian country is renown for. For information and bookings, email:...
location: Nationwide
DIAMIR gehört zu den führenden Veranstaltern für Erlebnisreisen im deutschsprachigen Raum. Die DIAMIR-Geschichte begann mit der Idee, deutschsprachig geführte Natur- und Kulturrundreisen in kleinen Gruppen von maximal zwölf Teilnehmern zu konzipieren, die sensibles Reisen in die schönsten Regionen der Welt ermöglichen. Und so entschloss sich eine kleine Gruppe Reiseenthusiasten, einen eigenen Reiseveranstalter zu gründen. REISEVERLAUF...
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