Port Moresby, April 17, 2024 – Honourable Governor of the National Capital District (NCD) joined Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) to make Port Moresby a prime destination for Chinese tourists through a pre-cocktail reception at the APEC Haus on Wednesday 17 April, Port Moresby.

This exclusive event serves as a precursor to the upcoming China Ready Workshop and provides an opportunity for industry stakeholders to come together and engage in discussions vital to the future of tourism in Port Moresby.

The China Ready initiative, spearheaded by the NCD Governor and PNGTPA since July 2023, aims to position Port Moresby as a premier destination for Chinese tourists. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing cultural enrichment, infrastructure enhancement, and targeted promotional campaigns, efforts are being made to elevate Port Moresby’s allure to Chinese travellers.

Collaborations with local and national tourism industries, along with a partnership with Guangdong Province, aim to establish Port Moresby as a pivotal hub for tourism and business, fostering sustainable growth and global connectivity.

The pre-cocktail reception aims to facilitate networking and dialogue among stakeholders from various sectors of the tourism industry. Attendees will have the chance to connect with key players and exchange insights on strategies to prepare Port Moresby for the rapidly growing Chinese tourism market.

NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop with Staff Representatives from Hertz

NCDC Governor, Honourable Powes Parkop said that the event attended by various stakeholders shows commitment in forging relationships with Chinese travellers.

“Today’s pre-cocktail reception underscores our commitment to ensuring that Port Moresby is ready to welcome Chinese travellers with open arms. The China Ready Workshop represents a crucial step in our journey to prepare Port Moresby for the burgeoning Chinese tourism market. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering economic prosperity and forging enduring partnerships for the benefit of our city and our people,” said Parkop.

CEO of PNGTPA, Mr Eric Mossman Uvovo reiterated the importance of the upcoming China Ready Workshop.

“The workshop represents a pivotal moment in our efforts to capitalize on the immense potential of the Chinese tourism market. Through informative sessions and interactive discussions, stakeholders will gain valuable insights into how we can collectively prepare and promote Port Moresby as a top-tier destination,” said Uvovo.

The China Ready Workshop, scheduled for April 25th, will delve into key topics such as market updates, post-COVID19 traveller insights, and effective strategies for attracting Chinese tourists and businesses to Port Moresby. Certified participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and an ID number for 12 months of continuing education.

Together, let us pave the way for an amazing future for tourism in Port Moresby.  


For further information, email: info@papuanewguinea.travel 

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Sydney, Australia – 8 April 2024: Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia have embarked on a collaborative endeavour to honour war memorials and enhance tourism prospects.

This initiative follows a Memorandum of Agreement signed last year 2023 between the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA), National Capital District Commission (NCDC), and Canada Bay City Council in Sydney.

A significant discussion has been initiated among the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, NCDC, and Canada Bay City Council in Sydney to jointly develop war memorial sites in Port Moresby.

This collaborative effort aims to honour war legacies and promote War Pilgrimage as a prominent tourist attraction, akin to the renowned Kokoda Trail trekking experience.

The initiative is spearheaded by Canada Bay City Council, PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, NCDC, and Network Kokoda Australia.

Driven by a vision to preserve the lessons of World War II, Canada Bay City Council has invested substantially in projects such as the Kokoda Trail Memorial Walkway.

This collaboration aims to strengthen bonds between nations, including the United States and Japan, while emphasizing the historical significance of the Kokoda Campaign to both Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Through this partnership, historic sites in NCD, including Paga Hill, Wardstrip, and Sabama, will undergo development, eventually extending into Central and Oro Provinces with support from provincial governments and Network Kokoda Australia.

Under the agreement, both nations will jointly develop war memorial sites in Port Moresby, reflecting their shared commitment to preserving the legacies of the Second World War and promoting the War Pilgrimage as a prominent tourist attraction, akin to the renowned Kokoda Trail trekking experience.

This trip seeks to establish a work plan for 2024-2025 to develop war memorial sites and promote war pilgrimages in NCD, Central, and Oro Provinces, with the ultimate goal of creating a tourist product stretching from Paga Hill to Buna.

A stakeholders’ meeting, scheduled during this trip, will bring together participants across Australia to garner support for the initiative. Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Hon. Isi Henry Leonard, MP, and NCD Governor, Hon. Powes Parkop, MP, LLB, LLM, will address the stakeholders and finalize the work plan for implementation. Plans also include the establishment of Network Kokoda PNG and pushing for the transfer of the Kokoda Track Authority to PNGTPA.

“The collaboration between PNG and Australia to develop war memorials and promote tourism is a testament to the enduring friendship between our nations and the shared commitment to honouring our war heroes. This initiative will not only preserve historical legacies but also create opportunities for economic growth, education, and cultural exchange,” said NCD Governor, Hon. Powes Parkop, MP, LLB, LLM.

The visit to Sydney marks a pivotal step in solidifying the partnership between PNG and Australia. Through joint efforts, both nations aim to create a lasting legacy that honours the sacrifices of past generations while paving the way for a brighter future through tourism, education, and cultural exchange.

This collaborative endeavour underscores the importance of international cooperation in preserving historical narratives and fostering mutual understanding.

The National Airports Corporation (NAC) and the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), solidifying their collaboration in various initiatives aimed at marketing and promoting Papua New Guinea’s tourism potential both domestically and internationally.

The MOU outlines key areas of cooperation between both organizations which involve;

  1. Raising Awareness of the Tourism sector and Potential
  2. Marketing and Promoting PNG Tourist Destinations
  3. Improving NAC Airports/Terminals
  4. Sharing Data on Traveler Trends and Consumer Feedback
  5. Joint Communication and Marketing Campaigns
  6. Participation in Tourism Forums, Workshops and Conferences
  7. Collaboration in Familiarization Programs and Learning Initiatives

At the MOU signing ceremony, NAC’s Acting Managing Director and CEO, Mr Dominic Kaumu, expressed optimism about the partnership: “Airports play an important role in tourism development and vice versa therefore, we believe this collaboration is an important step taken by both our organizations toward supporting tourism growth, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities it brings.”

Mr Eric Mossman Uvovo, CEO of PNGTPA, emphasized the importance of working together: “Through this partnership, we can utilize the unique strengths and positions of our respective organizations to unlock the potential of PNG’s tourism industry and showcase our country to the world.

The signing of the MOU signifies a commitment from both NAC and PNGTPA to work hand-in-hand towards the common goal of promoting PNG as a premiere tourist destination while enhancing the overall traveller experience.

The Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA), through the International Visitor Survey (PNG IVS 2023) has reported a total of USD 120 million (PGK 400 million) generated by visitors travelling into Papua New Guinea last year.

TPA’s 2023 Visitor Arrival Report and PNG International Visitor Survey Report revealed a notable surge in tourism, a 116 percent increase from the previous year (77,291) with an influx of more than 140,000 visitors travelling into the country via sea and air.

Among the key highlights of the reports is a breakdown of visitor purposes which includes, employment-related visits (34 percent), followed by business trips at 20 percent. Cruise ship visitors contributed to 22 percent of the country’s visitors while Holidaymakers accounted for 11 percent. Tourists visiting friends and relatives (VFR) and events such as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) collectively made-up 7 percent of arrivals.

The surge in arrivals is particularly evident in air and sea transportation. Air arrivals grew from 5,675 visitors to 16,113, marking a substantial increase. Likewise, cruise visitors surged, rising from 2,600 in 2022 to an impressive 31,321 in 2023, demonstrating an increase of 184 percent.

Despite this encouraging growth, PNG’s tourism recovery rate remains a topic of consideration. While the 2023 figures reflected a promising growth, the rate of recovery stands at 61 percent lower than pre-pandemic levels in 2019. This rate also slightly lags behind the average recovery rate of 64 percent observed across the Asia Pacific region.

PNG TPA’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Mossman Uvovo described the country’s tourism as an evolving industry.

“As we review the outcomes of the 2023 Visitor Arrival Report and PNG International Visitor Survey Report, it is evident that PNG’s tourism landscape is evolving, with notable shifts in visitor demographics and market trends. A particular significance is the increasing prominence of the

“Chinese market, which has emerged as the second-largest source of holiday visitors to our country.

“This development shows the diversification of PNG’s tourism market and highlights our country’s potential with tourists. The growing interest from Chinese travelers signifies PNG’s growing appeal and the effectiveness of our promotional efforts in key global markets,” said Uvovo.

Uvovo also said that the 2023 reports showed emerging trends and reaffirmed the resilience and potential of PNG’s tourism sector, despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic.

“Moving forward, the Tourism Promotion Authority remains committed to driving sustained recovery and enhancing strategic market positioning. Through initiatives and collaborations, we aim to promote PNG’s natural beauty and cultural richness to further strengthen our status as a premier tourist destination in the Asia Pacific region.

“I am confident that PNG’s tourism sector will continue to thrive, offering memorable experiences to visitors while contributing significantly to our nation’s economic growth and development,” said Uvovo.  

For further information, email: info@papuanewguinea.travel 

In a significant development for tourism along the historical Kokoda Track, Tourism Promotion Authority’s (TPA) Chief Executive Officer, Eric Mossman Uvovo, was sworn in as the Deputy Chairman of the Kokoda Track Special Purposes Authority’s (KTA) Management Committee during a ceremony held at Stanley’s Hotel on Tuesday, March 19, Port Moresby. 

The swearing-in ceremony witnessed the appointment of a total of 10 committee members, representing government agencies, Local Level government representatives, and Landowner leaders. Among the notable appointments, Jack Deia, the Landowner Representative of the Koiari people, was elected as the Chairman of the KTA committee following a vote by committee members.

The event was attended by dignitaries including the Minister for Tourism, Arts & Culture, Hon. Isi Henry Leonard, and the Governor of Central Province, Rufina Peter, along with representatives from government bodies, Kokoda Landowners, KTA members, and the Conservation and Protection Authority (CEPA).
Addressing the gathering, Honourable Minister, Isi Henry Leonard, emphasized the crucial role of the KTA in promoting tourism. 

“The Kokoda track is one of this country’s largest tourism attractions, not just because of its historical significance, but also its natural beauty that attracts many to this iconic site,” said Leonard. 

Governor Rufina Peter echoed Minister Leonard’s sentiments, congratulating the newly sworn-in committee members and stressing the importance of prioritizing the interests of the landowners. 

“I’d like to encourage you all to listen to the landowners and the people – Landowners must be happy,” Governor Peter remarked. 

She further emphasized the economic potential of tourism, highlighting its role in providing a sustainable alternative to mining and ensuring the preservation of the Kokoda Track’s cultural and environmental heritage.

Tourism Promotion Authority’s (TPA) Chief Executive Officer, Eric Mossman Uvovo, highlighted the significance of Kokoda Track tourism emphasizing the need to showcase this iconic site to the global audience. 

“Kokoda is one of our most important tourism products, and we should be driving this product to the world.

When you talk about conserving the environment and the lush ecosystem at Kokoda, when you talk about sustainability for the landowners and for their many generations to come, then we have to really start talking about tourism for Kokoda,” said Uvovo. 

Uvovo’s appointment as Deputy Chairman of the KTA Management Committee signifies a collaborative effort towards enhancing tourism management and sustainable development along the Kokoda Track. With the collective expertise and dedication of committee members, the KTA is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing tourism initiatives and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of this iconic site for future generations.

The Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) awarded Marissa Siwa with its Award for Academic Excellence at the Divine Word University’s graduation ceremony on Friday 8 March in Madang.  

Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM) graduate, Marissa Siwa, achieved the highest cumulative GPA among her cohorts, earning her this distinguished accolade from TPA. 

TPA’s award is an esteemed recognition presented to graduating students in the Tourism & Hospitality Department who exhibit exceptional academic performance. Marissa’s outstanding performance earned her a commemorative plaque, a mobile phone, and a cash prize of K2,000.

Dr. Fiona N’Drower, Head of the THM department at DWU, thanked TPA for its ongoing support towards the department’s educational initiatives, highlighting its unwavering support spanning over two decades. 

“PNGTPA’s contributions extend beyond financial sponsorship, including the establishment of special awards during graduation ceremonies and serving as the primary sponsor for the Liklik Diwai Tourism Expo (LDTE), an annual event hosted by final year Tourism & Hospitality students,” said N’Drower. 

Dr. N’Drower also reflected on PNGTPA’s significant impact on shaping tourism education in Papua New Guinea, dating back to the introduction of the PNGTPA award in 1999/2000. 

“DWU emerged as a trailblazer in recognizing the need for promoting tourism and hospitality education, leading to the inception of the Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality program in 1998, followed by the Bachelor program in 2006. 

PNGTPA’s active involvement in academic events not only showcases the potential of tourism in PNG but also underscores the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities within the Tourism & Hospitality industry, thus promoting the Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality program at DWU,” said N’Drower.

Ingrid Kuman, Acting Chief Executive Officer at TPA, presented the award to Marissa Siwa during the graduation ceremony and commended Marissa’s dedication and hard work, which were evident in her remarkable academic achievements.

“The prize provided to the student is in recognition of their hard work and academic commitment to the THM program and is a testament to their perseverance to achieve their goal,” said Kuman.

Marissa Siwa’s exemplary performance serves as an inspiration to aspiring students in the field of tourism and hospitality, reaffirming the importance of academic excellence and dedication in shaping future leaders in Papua New Guinea’s tourism sector.

More than 30 female employees from the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) came together to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March in Port Moresby.

The event was a vibrant and empowering event, celebrating the crucial role that women play in promoting tourism in the country.

Both men and women were adorned in their special purple attire, which showcased unity and solidarity, emphasizing the significance of this year’s Women’s Day through inspiring inclusion.

The highlight of the event was a special cake-cutting ceremony dedicated to the female employees. The occasion was marked with inspiring remarks aimed at supporting and empowering the women who contribute significantly to the tourism sector in Papua New Guinea.

Claire Kupo, TPA’s Executive Manager for Corporate Affairs, delivered a poignant message during one of the activities at the event. She described women as “incubators for change,” acknowledging the transformative power they hold in various aspects of life.

Kupo expressed her admiration for the resilience and creativity of women, emphasizing their ability to turn ordinary things into extraordinary outcomes.
“You give women a grocery list and they give you a meal, you give women a seed and they give you children; women are miraculous in our way,” said Kupo.

Kupo also took a moment to commend her male colleagues present, expressing gratitude for their continuous support. She acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the entire team, emphasizing that the success and growth of TPA are only made possible through the unwavering support received from both men and women working together.

Daphne Galore, TPA’s Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer with twenty-seven years of experience in the business, emphasized the significance of supporting women in the field of tourism. Galore highlighted the positivity and resilience that women bring, despite the challenges they often face in their pursuit of recognition within society.

“Supporting women in the tourism space is crucial, as it not only empowers them to advance into leadership roles but also enables them to contribute significantly to decision-making processes. This, in turn, positively impacts various aspects of society, such as improved health outcomes, increased economic growth, and poverty reduction,” said Galore.

Galore encouraged young aspiring women in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry to have passion for their careers in the tourism industry.
“I believe having a genuine passion for people is paramount. In our line of work, we interact with diverse individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds. This genuine passion enables us to create memorable experiences for all, “said Galore.

Galore also highlighted the existing gap between tourism graduates and professionals in the workforce, stressing the importance of bridging this divide through the importance of continuous learning and growth in the ever-evolving tourism sector.

The celebration not only marked a day of recognition for the female employees but also served as a reminder of the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. TPA’s commitment to gender equality and empowerment was evident throughout the event, reflecting a positive step forward in ensuring that women continue to thrive in the field of tourism and hospitality. 

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Atlanta, Georgia, March 11, 2024 – The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA) is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Travel Adventure Shows in Atlanta and San Francisco. As a proud advocate for the captivating beauty and cultural richness of Papua New Guinea, the PNGTPA is eager to showcase the wonders of this unique destination to adventure enthusiasts, travel professionals, and curious explorers.

This is PNGTPA’s inaugural participation in the prestigious Travel Adventure Shows. This marks a significant milestone in the North American market as it is the first time PNG is attending this exceptional Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business event in Atlanta, Georgia, and the anticipation is high for another great show in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mr. Joel Keimelo, Executive Manager of the Marketing & Promotions Division at PNGTPA, expressed great satisfaction with the outcome of the first show day. 

“We are excited to showcase the wonders of Papua New Guinea to the American audience,” said Keimelo. 

“Atlanta, being one of the affluent cities in America, provides an excellent platform for us to connect with travel enthusiasts, trade and media.”

Event Details:

Ms. Pamela Aupae, Senior Marketing Officer (International/Domestic), will be present alongside Mr. Keimelo.  Additionally, Mr. Wako Napasu, Director of Country Tours, will represent the PNG Tourism Industry as a valuable partner. Visitors to the PNG booth will have the opportunity to learn more about this captivating destination directly from the PNGTPA team.

They can also engage with a reputable inbound tour operator to book their dream vacations to Papua New Guinea.

“Many visitors were pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a place in this world called Papua New Guinea,” shared Ms Aupae. “While Australia, Indonesia, and Fiji are well-known, PNG offers a unique and unexplored paradise.”

Dr. Marilyn Johnson, the brilliant mind behind The 49 Days Fabulous Formula, visited the booth and expressed her eagerness to explore the captivating wonders of Papua New Guinea.

As a first-time discoverer of this intriguing destination, she is undoubtedly in for an unforgettable adventure.

The allure of Papua New Guinea lies in its unspoiled beauty, rich cultural heritage, and the promise of unique experiences. From dense jungle to mesmerizing gorges, pristine lagoons, and awe-inspiring volcanoes, PNG offers a tapestry of natural marvels waiting to be explored.

We extend a warm invitation to Dr. Johnson and all curious travelers: Come and immerse yourselves in the magic of Papua New Guinea. Whether you seek adventure, cultural encounters, or simply a break from the ordinary, PNG promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart. 

Country Tours Director expressed sincere gratitude to PNGTPA for breaking barriers and making North America accessible to PNG’s inbound tour operators and the PNG Tourism industry. The North American market, previously limited for dive and scuba enthusiasts, is now open for exploration. Mr. Napasu has already confirmed Country Tours’ participation in the 2025 shows.

Mr. Keimelo extended his thanks to the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo for unwavering support in breaking new ground in the area of feasible market access for the Papua New Guinea Tourism Industry.

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About Papua New Guinea: Papua New Guinea, with its thick jungles, gorges, lagoons, and volcanoes, is one of the South Pacific’s most intriguing destinations.

Join us on an Intrepid adventure to discover the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of this unspoiled paradise.

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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) strongly condemns the recent attack on tourists at Roku Beach, Central Province, including the brutal killings in the Upper Highlands region, and the kidnapping of a helicopter crew in the Hela Province.

These heinous acts not only devastate communities and local service providers but also have significant repercussions on the tourism sector in Papua New Guinea.

“PNG has faced a torrent of negative publicity, not only from these incidents, but also from the ‘Black Wednesday’ civil unrest that caused an inferno of international media coverage casting a shadow over the entire country, and painting an inaccurate picture of Papua New Guinea as an unsafe destination for travellers,” says Mr. Eric Uvovo, CEO of the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority.

Since the January 2024 riots, the PNGTPA research team have been monitoring travel advisories and media coverage from key source markets, and reports show that Papua New Guinea has since been flagged as an extremely high security-risk destination, particularly for travellers from America, Australia and China.

The tourism industry is already being affected by the publicity concerning the burgeoning law and order issues in the country. Two major cruise liners expected to visit the country this year, had to cancel their PNG cruise itineraries due to the January civil riots and looting.

“In light of the serious law-and-order issues traumatizing our country’s economy, we seek immediate intervention by the PNG Government to curb the surge in violent crimes. Normalcy must be restored to encourage consumer confidence in PNG as a tourist destination. Papua New Guineans must also be responsible law-abiding citizens, demonstrating respect, duty-of-care and national pride – all this contributes to a safer society – not just for tourists, but for everyone residing in Papua New Guinea,” Mr. Uvovo said.

“In the meantime, the PNGTPA commends the government for continuing to have our country’s borders open, we also commend our tourism industry who have shown an incredible amount of resilience during these difficult times.”

“For those still planning to visit our beautiful country, we encourage you to book your travels with reputable tour operator in the country. If International visitors require further information about tour operators, please contact our marketing and promotions division to verify.”

“PNGTPA acknowledges the urgent need for collaborative action to address this issue and restore confidence in tourism for Papua New Guinea. We are committed to working closely with relevant authorities, including law enforcement agencies, provincial governments, local communities, and tourism stakeholders, to implement effective strategies aimed at improving safety and security for visitors. 

PNGTPA will also be setting up a 24-hour emergency helpline for tourists, which will be available in the coming weeks,” concludes Mr. Uvovo.

CEO Mr. Uvovo, also appealed to the media to reach out to the PNGTPA and the tourism industry to discover the positive stories that PNG has about its beautiful and awe-inspiring destinations and proactively share positive stories and experiences of tourists – both local and international, to counter negative perceptions and showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting Papua New Guinea as a safe and attractive tourist destination. 

We urge all stakeholders to join us in our efforts to address the challenges facing the tourism sector and rebuild confidence in tourism for the benefit of our communities and economy.

Berlin, March 6, 2024 – The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA) has made a triumphant return to the prestigious ITB Berlin after a five-year absence. Under the theme “Define the World of Travel Together,” PNGTPA reaffirms its commitment to showcasing the unique and diverse offerings of Papua New Guinea to the European market.

Rekindling Connections and Showcasing Unique Offerings

PNG TPA recognizes the significance of ITB Berlin as a vital platform for fostering international understanding, cultural exchange, and peace through travel. With over 5,500 exhibitors from 170 countries, this year’s event promises to be a beacon of hope for the travel industry’s revival.

Industry Partnership and Support

With the invaluable support of industry stalwarts such as Mr. Bob Bates of Trans Niugini Tours and Mr. Wako Napasu from Country Tours, PNGTPA stands ready to reintroduce Papua New Guinea as the destination of a million different journeys. The PNG delegation led by Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Joel Keimelo, Executive Manager, Marketing and Promotions Division, along with Ms. Pamela Aupae, Senior Marketing Officer, marks a significant moment for the country’s tourism industry.

Itb Berlin (18)

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Eric Mossman Uvovo, presenting a gift to Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Noor Ahmad Hamid.

The European Market: A Tale of Relationships

The European market thrives on relationships, and PNGTPA has diligently nurtured these connections over the years. Despite challenges posed by negative media publicity, the demand to explore Papua New Guinea remains unwavering. The allure of our pristine landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality continues to captivate European travellers.

A Curious Destination

As the Euro performs strongly, Europeans are increasingly curious about Papua New Guinea. Our country offers an authentic and unforgettable experience—one that transcends mere tourism. From vibrant tribal cultures to untouched rainforests, Papua New Guinea beckons those seeking adventure, culture, and natural beauty.

PNGTPA’s Resilience

Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo, Chief Executive Officer at PNGTPA, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to be back at ITB Berlin, reconnecting with old friends and forging new partnerships. Our commitment to promoting Papua New Guinea remains unshaken.”

PNG TPA’s Commitment

Mr. Uvovo, expressed unwavering determination: “Despite the challenges, we are resolute in our mission to showcase Papua New Guinea’s untouched beauty, rich heritage, and warm hospitality. Our commitment to European markets remains unshaken.”

The recently launched PNGTPA website is a valuable resource for travellers seeking information about this captivating destination. Whether you’re an intrepid adventurer, a culture enthusiast, or simply curious about the wonders of Papua New Guinea, the TPA website offers a wealth of insights and practical details.

PNG TPA invites media representatives, partners, and visitors to explore the PNG pavilion at ITB Berlin. Let us embark on a journey of discovery, cultural exchange, and sustainable tourism. Together, we can redefine the narrative and celebrate the resilience of our industry.

For more information, visit the official ITB Berlin website https://www.itb.com/en .

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