Baia Lodge is situated beside the Baia village which is surrounded by various Black Bass River systems. Approximately 4.5 hours from the main town Kimbe, we will take you to Baia by boat or car where you can spend up to 4 to 6 nights at the Lodge fishing for Black Bass & Spottail Bass. The rivers near our lodges are home to some of the biggest bass on the planet, with some reaching over 50lb! The surrounding ocean also provides excellent blue water fishing for a variety of tropical species. The lodge is equipped with electricity, running water and all basic amenities to make your stay a comfortable one. Baia offers the perfect PNG fishing and cultural experience for all anglers.

Apart from the keen anglers, Baia boasts as a great family destination offering various adventures from waterfalls, rivers, snorkelling and village tours. Whether it is a fishing trip or a family trip, Baia will be an experience you won’t forget.

ANGLING ADVENTURES has for over 30 years taken anglers to some of this country’s most unique and specialised fishing areas. ANGLING ADVENTURES provides anglers with that all important ingredient of local knowledge, which is the strength of our success. We deal with the best people in the best locations and we provide fishing tours for the high-tech specialist as well as for the average angler who wants to enjoy a good fishing holiday.

This travelling fisherman’s guide details a range of destinations you can choose from, and we invite you to fish with ANGLING ADVENTURES for some of the most exciting fishing in the world.

From the Top End to the bottom of Australia, along with its coastlines, Australia has so much to offer. The variety of species as well as the sportfishing techniques used, means we have a location for every request.

Australia is not our only fishing playground, we cover the world! The main ingredients for successful fishing locations are remoteness, exotic, local knowledge and unique species! All our destinations have been personally tested by a staff member of Angling Adventures (or one of our associates). After more than 30 years of operation, our destinations are continually being massaged. There are still some untouched and exciting parts of the world yet to be discovered! You can be sure we will eventually find and fish them!!

The fishing package price will be the same with Angling Adventures as it will be booking direct….why not get an unbiased opinion?

Discerning fishing people book their trips with people who understand fishing. ANGLING ADVENTURES unhesitatingly recommend locations represented on this website.

The remote and sparsely populated South-Western corner of Papua New Guinea is home to our most isolated Wilderness Lodge – Bensbach. Unlike most of the country there are no towering mountains, no waterfalls, only wide, sweeping flood plains abundant with all forms of wildlife.

Bensbach is our premier wildlife location in PNG. The grasslands teem with herds of deer, wallabies, snakes and monitor lizards and the flood plains are a vital stopping point for migratory birds on their incredible journey between their breeding grounds to the North and their feeding areas in the Southern Hemisphere. Curlew Sandpipers, Ruddy Turnstones (which breed in Arctic Siberia) and Yellow Wagtails (which breed in Eurasia) are some of our more special visitors fond here.

The wetlands are also home to massive flocks of pelicans, pygmy geese and sea eagles and other raptors hunt fish from the skies above. A complete list of the 191 different species of birds that have been recorded at Bensbach lodge is available here.

Life at Bensbach however, is not only abundant above the water. Bensbach is a sport fisherman’s paradise -renowned as one of the Barramundi capitals of the world. Catering to the serious angler as well as those who just want to experience catching one of these magnificent fighting fish, Bensbach practices sustainable catch-and-release fishing and only what is needed for that nights’ meal is kept.

Stands of malaluca (paper bark eucalypts) provide building materials for the local people and the bark is used as insulation in traditional ovens. Sago and yams are the staples of the Bensbach people, storing their yams for up to six months at a time in yam houses, this seasonal crop is the life blood of the Bensbach people.

Bensbach accommodates up to sixteen guests in two separate wings, each linked to the main lodge building that houses the dining area, a well stocked bar and comfortable lounge. The lodge is built entirely from local materials, adapted to the tastes and comfort of its visitors with 220V electricity, ceiling fans and hot and cold water. The dinner menu features delicious freshly caught Bensbach Barramundi and venison purchased from local hunters.

Dixie’s Bungalows provides accommodation and dining along the Sogeri Road at 17 Mile.

A great stop-over for a delicious meal while driving up to Sogeri, and just a kilometer or so from the Varirata National Park.

Local favorites on the menu are the T-Bone Steak, Chicken Lemon, Baked Fish, and Lamb Mint & Korma.

BirdQuest, founded in 1981, has an unequalled repertoire of birding tours and combined birdwatching and wildlife holidays and cruises that will appeal to every kind of birder. Our tours are celebrated as the very best available, and we have shown our clients and friends over 10,200 bird species worldwide, more than any other birding tour company (and not that far off the total for all other birding tour companies combined!), as well as an extraordinary variety of mammals and many other fascinating aspects of the natural world.


Papua New Guinea Birding Tours: Birdquest has been operating tours to Papua New Guinea for over 30 years, but this phenomenally biodiverse country still conceals hidden avian gems which have been seen only by a handful of intrepid researchers and expeditioners. This special expedition will explore well off the beaten track in search of an enticing array of endemic birds which have previously been considered ‘off-limits’ to world birders, and our adventurous itinerary will certainly break new ground, potentially even rediscovering one or more lost species!

The country’s ancient cultures still thrive and age-old traditions are still practised – visitors can attend fire-dancing ceremonies and interact with the masked mud-men of Goroka – while remnants of more recent historic events still litter some of the towns and jungles; Japanese war relics are still present in New Britain province from the second world war.

Visitors can find themselves heading to the Highlands to discover the country’s incredible birdlife, before experiencing first hand the culture and traditional lives of the indigenous Huli Wigmen, with vibrantly-painted faces and extravagant headdresses. The explosive Mt Tavurvur – an impressive stratovolcano on the coast of New Britain – is a ‘must see’ when exploring the country’s eastern islands and active travellers seeking a challenge can opt to tackle part of the gruelling Kokoda Trail through rugged landscapes to retrace the steps of wartime POWs.

The video above, courtesy of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority, offers a glimpse into the annual Sepik River Crocodile & Arts fetival, a cultural celebration held by the traditional communities of the Sepik River area, in which the freshwater crocodile is revered. Speak to Stef about joining our brand new group tour which attends this event in 2019, and learn about the beliefs and legends that surround this animal.

The nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG) comprises the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, second largest island in the world, as well as many other Pacific islands, some of a considerable size such as New Britain and New Ireland, and many much smaller islands and atolls.

The most linguistically diverse country on earth, PNG has more than 850 mutually unintelligible, indigenous languages reflecting at least as many different traditional tribal societies. This astonishing cultural variety has given rise to many different forms of expression, including art, carving, dance, singing, music and flamboyant costumes and hairstyles. The colourful cultural heritage is celebrated annually at numerous large regional festivals and sing-sings, including Goroka and Mt Hagen and lesser-known Tumbuna and Kundu.

Habitats range from dense tropical rainforest to savannah and wetland plains, volcanic mountains to white sand beaches and coral reefs. The forests are home to many rare species of marsupial such as tree kangaroo, insects including the Queen Alexandra birdwing (the world’s largest butterfly) and birds such as the cassowary. However, PNG is best known for Sir Richard Attenborough’s favourites: the brilliantly coloured birds of paradise, with 38 of the 43 known species found there.

Papua New Guinea is truly one of the world’s last travel frontiers. Nature and humanity unite in a heady mix of sights and sounds, and many parts of the country remain blissfully unaffected by the ever-advancing ways of the western world. However, PNG is definitely up and coming (it received the Most Emergent Destination award from Wanderlust Magazine in 2014) and, now that Reef & Rainforest can put together tours at reasonable cost, there should be many more visitors, so go now while it’s still authentic and unspoilt.

This Trans Niugini Tours boutique lodge is situated in the heart of the Karawari – a Sepik River tributary.

Karawari Lodge offers guests a private unforgettable immersion into Karawari culture, food and natural surroundings – all within the comfort and professionalism of one of Papua New Guinea’s respectable tour operators and accommodation providers.

The lodge has a private airstrip with the Karawari River being the only way in or out. Stilted villages line the edges of flooded waterways and dug out canoes are the primary mode of transport

River excursions are offered in 18-seat motorized jet boats to the surrounding villages.  Visit traditional homes, witness ceremonial dances and glimpse what life must have been like in bygone days.

For bookings and further information call: +675 542 1438 or email:

Yaskom Resort Hotel is located at the border of Wabag and Laiagam Districts. Distance: 13 kilometres away from Wabag town and 50 minutes of driving. Resort facility with a total of 25 x rooms including 12 x executive, 8 x deluxe and 5 x standards. Facilities: Restaurant, 2 x separate conference room, Digicel Play in every room, eater provided in every room for guests warming, hot/cold water in all rooms, helipad area for chopper landing, boats provided for boating. Attractions: nice view of famous and legendary Lake Ipae/Sirunki; located a kilometre away and 15 minutes of walk to the lake site, developed fresh water pools, huge spacious car park area, bar, orchid species in and around the facility’s vicinity, pool of traditional water reeds. Meal/tariffs: breakfast- bacon wit sausage/bread, baked beans, lunch – chicken with chips/fried or boiled and dinner – chicken with chips/fried or boiled, rice with stew. Rooms/tariffs: executive K350.00, deluxe K250.00 and standards K150.00.

Established in 1976 in the highlands city of Mount Hagen, Trans Niugini Tours operates lodges, ground transport and even its own aircraft throughout PNG.

As Papua New Guinea’s leading inbound tour operator, Trans Niugini Tours offers trips & tours for discerning travelers with a taste for adventure.

Trans Niugini Tours own and operate award winning wilderness lodges, as well as a fleet of boats, mini-buses and aircraft.

Trans Niugini Tours operates the following lodges:

For further information and bookings, email: or phone +675 542-1438

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