16th September 2024

Papua New Guinea celebrates its 49th Independence Day anniversary this 2024.

Join in the festivities by wearing our Papua New Guinea flag colors – red, white, yellow and black.

Official Independence Day anniversary activities begins with the ‘Flag Raising Ceremony’ at Independence Hill, near the National Parliament House in Port Moresby.   Residents and visitors in Port Moresby gather at dawn to witness government officials raise PNG’s national flag to commemorate the country’s independence in 1975.

Papua New Guinea’s history was marred by colonial imperialism since its discovery by European traders.  Colonial PNG was known as ‘Papua’ and ‘New Guinea’ – both were a combined territory of Australia since 1906.  The territory of ‘Kaiser-Wilhelmsland’ was surrendered to Australia and British rule after World War One, and renamed as ‘New Guinea’ – all the names of the German ruled islands were also changed, e.g. New Britain, New Ireland, etc.  Visit our National Museum & Art Gallery to learn more about our fascinating history.


23RD JULY 2024

Remembrance Day in Papua New Guinea is observed every July 23rd to commemorate the services of the members of the nation’s armed forces who participated during World War One, World War Two, and in general peace keeping and law and order engagements within the country and abroad.

In the nation’s capital of Port Moresby, Remembrance Day will be officially observed at the Ela Beach Remembrance Memorial Park.

War veterans, the PNG Defense Force, Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and the PNG Correctional Services will be participating in the Remembrance Day parade march along Healy Parade.

State officials like the Prime Minister and the Governor-General are usually present at the event to make an official address.  This is then followed by a dedication service.

This 2024 will mark the 43rd Anniversary of PNG’s National Remembrance Day of observance.


Tentative Remembrance Day Programme – Remembrance Park, Ela Beach, Port Moresby 

 07:00 am | Arrival of Master of Ceremony 

08:00 am | Arrival of VIP’s and invited Guests 

08:30 am | March on by Disciplinary Forces 

08.35 am | Arrival of Parade Host 

08:40 am | Arrival of Principal Guest 

08:45 am | Arrival of the Governor General of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea 

08:50 am | Catafalque Party moves into position in front of the Monument 

09:00 am | Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremony 

09.05 am | Prayer of Invocation 

09:10 am | Bible Readings 

09:20 am | The Lord’s Prayer 

09:30 am | Keynote Address to the Nation by the Governor General of Papua New Guinea 

09:40 am | Police Band with Choir group 

09:45 am | Laying of Wreaths 

09:50 am | ODE (All to stand), an Ex-Serviceman recites the ‘Ode’ 

09:55 am | Last Post and One Minute Silence 

10:00 am | Rouse 

10:05 am | National Anthem 

10:10 am | The Benediction 

10:15 am | Catafalque Party Dismounts (All  to stand).  The Catafalque Party march-off) 

10:20 am | Departure of Guests of Honor 

10:25 am | Departure of Principal Guest 

10:30 am | Departure of Parade Host  

10:35 am | Announcement by Master of Ceremony 

10:40 am | Guard March-off 

**Program ends 

23RD JULY 2024 

Join the Rabaul Historical Society in East New Britain Province, as they pause with the rest of the nation to remember our unnamed local heroes who were involved in the World War efforts that swept across the territory in the 1910’s and 1940’s.

Rabaul Town, is steeped in military history and the legacy of this difficult time in our nation’s narrative survives in memorials, museums and the generation that came after.

Discover and appreciate the memory of those who served, sacrificed and survived this Remembrance Day in Papua New Guinea – #LestWeForget.

24TH FEBRUARY 2025  

During the final week of February, the nation of Papua New Guinea sets aside a special day to commemorate the enduring memory of its first prime minister and ‘father of the nation’, the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare (1936 – 2021).

The late grand Chief Sir Michael Somare was one of Papua New Guinea’s longest serving prime ministers, serving for 17-years over three separate terms, until his retirement in 2017.

Papua New Guinea continues to mourn the late Grand Chief’s passing three-years ago, his life’s work in the service of his country has left an indelible mark on many Papua New Guineans.

The late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare’s place of interment has become a pilgrimage site for many Papua New Guineans visiting Wewak. The site is now a landmark in the East Sepik Province, known as the Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare Tomb.

The National Museum and Art Gallery’s Independens Haus in Down Town, Port Moresby, also provides an in-depth look at the political history, particularly its nationalist movement, in which the late Grand Chief was at the forefront – along with other notable greats of Papua New Guinea’s pre-Independence movement.


For visits to the Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare Tomb contact, WhatsApp 8160-4874 or call +675 7889-8166.  Follow the Sir Michael Somare Legacy Page on Facebook.  

To visit the Independens Haus, contact the National Museum and Art Gallery, call +675 325-4205.  Visit the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery website.  

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