28th to 29th September, 2022 

The First year Professional Studies and third-year Tourism & Hospitality Management students, in the School of Business and Public Policy at the University of Papua New Guinea, will be hosting the 2nd UPNG Tourism Industry Seminar and 16th UPNG Tourism Convention on September 28th and 29th, consecutively to be held at the SBPP Lecture Theatres.

Both events will be hybrid (face to Face and Online) targeting more than 1,000 participants both live and virtual.

For this year the event teams adopted the theme “Rethinking and Reshaping Tourism in Papua New Guinea”. For the 16th year of hosting, the UPNG tourism meetings and conferences have drawn the attention of various stakeholders like the community, public and private sectors, and non-government organizations.

The main intention for hosting these two events is for academic compliance with the requirements of the course Convention and Events Management (CEM). Students will be evaluated based on the overall outputs of these events which will form part of the external assessment. Learning by doing, gives the students the opportunities to put into practice the theories and concepts they have learned in class. More important, both seminar and convention provide a platform for creating awareness and educating the participants about the importance of harnessing tourism to foster the nation’s growth and development amidst this challenging time. In particular, participants of these events will be exposed to a body of knowledge that aims to:

  • Create tourism awareness of policy changes and the new normal protocols
  • Encourage reforms in the development of tourism policies, programs, and strategies in realigning resources in the Post-COVID 19 era
  • Ensure that the SME’s especially those in the tourism and hospitality industry, and other stakeholders are better exposed to the needed network and procedures that they can utilize should they require help in developing resilient strategies to ensure a successful re-emergence into the industry.

To register for the events, click: UPNG Tourism Seminar and Convention, 2022 

Flyer Tourism Seminar and Convention at the University of Papua New Guinea

16th UPNG Tourism Convention, 2022

2nd UPNG Tourism Seminar, 2022

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